Four Tips for Travel with a Baby 1 Year Old or Under to Prevent Heat Exhaustion

In September, we went our first family vacation. It was a mess. Two words: Bahamas & Hurricane. I did an amazing job at making sure my baby was cared for when the rain subsided and the sun was OUT! Man it was hot! A bearable hot but the type of hot that would be exhausting for a baby or infant.

The last thing I wanted was ANY heat-related illness- for all of us. Thankfully all those tips that i researched when Ava was a few months-old we're so helpful.

FYI - all of this is pretty self explanatory BUT you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to forget about the simple things when your away from home. 

SPF Is your friend
Please don’t forget to pack this in your suitcase. A lot of people feel like just because they have melanin that they don’t need sunscreen. That’s a complete lie! Wear it! A cool perk from my hotel was that they offered sunscreen to guests on the beach. I should add that there are kid-friendly options as well! On top of that - keep your little ones head fully covered. I had a few bucket hats that I rotated for Ava.

Drink! Drink! Drink!
On all of our outings -I always make sure I brought a sippy cup of cold water for baby girl. Best way to keep it cool was to put it in an insulated bag when we we're using it.

Always find some shade
If you're at an all inclusive- find a lounge chair with shade! Or even a cabana. If there wasn’t much of this around our resort- I don’t think we could have stayed out that long. I know some moms actually brought mini beach umbrella's for their child. For the pool we opted for a floater that had one built-in! Life saver!!!

Pick the best time for the beach
Early mornings when the sun isn’t as hot or in the evenings. As cool as the daytime is, the sun rays are at its max. Please avoid if you can. 

I know these are so extremely simple but it's always a good reminder to have!
If you have any tips that I might have left out, please leave them below!



  1. Great list! It doesn’t matter how self explanatory sometimes things slip our minds. A reminder is always great!

  2. This is very informative! It's easy to forget about such important tasks when traveling with a baby!

  3. Very Informative. I have to remember to pack extra water as a nursing mom.


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