2020 Skincare Predictions and Trends

There were so many skincare wins in 2019. 
I’m talking about popular skin care products that would take literally weeks to get back in stock in-store or online. Last year, my love of skincare GREW. There is still so much to learn about when it comes to choosing product!

 I think we are going to take even a bigger shift towards taking better care of our skin in 2020.


I feel like with the age of social media and filters you have to maintain the same skin that you shared online in real life. Also consumers are starting to get more conscious. They want to know everything that is in the product/going on their skin. It’s totally fair to ask- especially with the disease and problems that people are plagued with.

Here are some trends according to (nobody but me) which I think will be really popular in 2020.

Overnight Sleeping Masks
I call this the rise in lazy skincare. I’m not even gonna lie with extremely busy one-year-old, it's so easy to slip and skip out on my usual routine. So far it hasn’t suffered but products like this help A LOT! I was gifted three Olay Overnight Gel Masks ($19.97CDN at Walmart) awhile back and I love how easy it is to incarnate them into your night routine.

Why you might want to add one to your regimen:
-Absorbs into your skin overnight.
-Gel formula and is NOT sticky on the skin.
-Can buy based on your skin concerns: Firming-Hydrating-Brightening.

I should add that I love that each one contains a vitamin: A, C or E. 
My favourite is the dewy formula!

Cleansing Gels
Long at the days when it would take forever to wash off soap-based skincare off your face. We have totally moved on from that in 2020! I was gifted the L'OrĂ©al Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Gel ($10.97CDN at Walmart) and I'm impressed. 

When I heard that it contained roses- I expected something that would be extremely fragrant. So I delayed using it for a bit. But this has been the opposite... the scent isn't strong at all! 
My skin feels so good after using it! 

This product is Alcohol-Free, Soap-Free and Fragrance-Free. In the formula there is combined extracts of Rose and Jasmine- known for it's softening properties. This is something that I would definitely repurchase. 

FYI- there is more elements to the line like a toner, cleansing milk and makeup removing wipes!

Accessible Korean Skincare
This one is the coolest to me- being able to go to Costco and getting Korean skincare. I was gifted a Korean skincare cased called: The Case Full of Seoul. ($79.97CND) It's basically a box that contains the best of Korean skincare! I know some of you are reading this like what? 

The Umma Beauty Inc. team has tried and tested a lot of Korean beauty products. From there they narrowed it down to six chosen products. I also love how detailed it is! If you’re a skin care newbie or even a pro you will honestly have no problem getting started with this.

The Case Full of Seoul includes:
  • 9 Wishes Rice Foaming Cleanser
  • Maycoop Raw Sauce Mini
  • Urang True Rose Repair Essence
  • TOV Camellia Wrinkle Free Eye Solution
  • Maycoop Raw Moisturizer
  • Urang Vitamin Oil Serum
  • I Woke Up Like This All-in-One Concentrate Treatment Mask
Such a fun box and the design is genius!

Bonus points for products that are now infused with CBD oil.
I have tried body care (with CBD oil) but I haven’t done skincare.
I’m going to add that to my list.



  1. I would love to try an overnight sleep mask. My skin has been super weird lately. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I definitely jumped on the skincare train a couple of years ago! Since then, my skin is so much better and I'm seeing even more products on the market. I'm looking forward to what this year brings!

  3. I definitely need to get in on the sleep masks. I need to find ways to keep my face clean and fresh. I use Vichy, but that price is not bad at all. I am from Canada too, so it really isn't a bad price.

  4. Ugh I really wish I could buy products like this! My skin is so sensitive I can only use one type of one brand!

  5. Thanks for sharing these skin care trends for 2020. I will have to try one of those over night masks.

  6. I need a lazy skin care routine too! These kids don’t care if I have time to prevent wrinkles.


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