Meet Angela: Spiced Beauty Contributor

One thing I love about my blog is bringing in people from all walks of life to contribute! 

Meet Angela! 
She's a recent University graduate who will be writing on the blog for the next 3 months! 

How would you describe yourself?
Bubbly. Creative. Go-getter.

Those three words pretty much sum up my entire being, haha! I love interacting with people and opening up my mind to different perspectives. I can be quite shy at times though, but once I warm up, I can light up any room. I enjoy learning about people and their motivations and what moves them to go after their passions. As a young black millenial fresh out of University, I am definitely on a journey to discovering my passions and establishing multiple career pathways for myself. I love showcasing my creativity in a variety of different ways, whether that be through Youtube content or during the video editing and graphics process in post production. Lastly, I am a go-getter because I have always strived to want to do more for myself and build a brand and legacy for the generations to come.

Why did you want to contribute to My Spiced Life?
I wanted to contribute to My Spiced Life because I believe it will be a great way for me to learn and gain transferable skills that I can use to apply for future projects and job opportunities. I've always wanted to start a blog myself, so this is the perfect outlet for me to make that happen! Lastly, My Spiced Life is such a wonderful blog- I love the lifestyle and beauty content that is on here and would like to add onto it by sharing my own personal stories.

Favourite Beauty Brand?
Fenty Beauty for sure! As a woman who wears little to no makeup, I love that her products enhance your natural skin features without being overbearing. I'm all for the minimal, everyday, no makeup, makeup look. I love the Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in the shade #470. It makes my skin look like skin, literally! It's definitely my go-to!

Lipsticks or Gloss? And why?
I am most def a lipgloss type of girl for sure! Ever since I can remember, I always preferred going the glossy route. I find that many lipsticks make my lips look and feel quite dry and don't really give off the desired look I want. Lipgloss makes your lips feel moisturized, while adding a hint of flair in such an easy and effortless way. Not to mention, when it comes to the whole cleaning-off-your-makeup-thing, I can always take it off with ease.

Curly or straight hair?
Curly hair for sure! As a natural type 4 queen, I will always admire my unique kinky coils! They have so much versatility, patterns, density, strength, beauty, everything! It can be quite a pain sometimes, especially when it comes to the hair washing and detangling aspect of my hair routine but I'm learning to enjoy the process.

Favourite hair product that you always repurchase?
I will let you in on a little secret... I wish I could pinpoint what my favourite hair product is, but I honestly just use whatever is available at that moment. Lately, my hair has been in braids so I don't really use much product apart from coconut oil from time to time. That's definitely something I would like to improve on, is finding the right products for my hair.

When someone first meets you- what’s the first thing that they notice?
I would say my smile. I tend to smile more than the average person, but it is honestly because life is great! It definitely has its challenges - believe me, I know, but there is always something to look forward to. Plus, it makes me be a more inviting and approachable person, which is always a definite plus. I believe in first impressions, so if I am able to leave one with my smile, I know I've done great!

Favourite Island to travel to? and why?
I have never traveled to an island before, but I would say my favourite would have to be Bali, Indonesia. I would looove to travel there- I mean, have you seen the scenery!? It is to die for! It seems like such a relaxing and intimate island that is fit for a woman like myself. It is definitely on my bucket list for places to travel during my 20's.

Best travelling tip?
PACK LIGHT! I am a sucker for over packing; I always feel like I will run out of clothes at the very last second. It's always good to pack minimally and then build from there if need be. Plus, you avoid the embarrassment from having to take out your personal items at the airport!

What do you hope people get from your stories?
I hope that through my stories, I can inspire people to chase their dreams and enjoy the journey in the process. I want my stories to bring an inside look into the true realities of life after post graduation, as a young, black, millennial woman in the modern world. I feel like there is not enough of that on social media, so I would love to tap into that niche to see where it takes me.

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