Guest Post: International Women's Day

If we stop and think how powerful a woman is and what we were created for and how our bodies can endure so much pain and create life one should be amazed! But that is not our only function. I truly believe that women need to find their voice in life at some point but it doesn't help when we are cut down by the opposite sex and our fellow women! We should support one another, encourage uplift and celebrate one another. We live in a world today where women get taxed more for products or get a different salary opposed to men. That is not equality.

There has been so much I have seen how women are demoralized and there is no gender equality in life. People say oh, yes there is but no there is not! I lived overseas for awhile in the Republica Dominicana, women are demoralized and on the law books still today women are the domicile of their husband! I absolutely become sick when I think of that and in many other countries women are treated even worse. Girls at young ages are thought to be ready to run a household and take care of children when they are babies themselves. I have seen so much human trafficking, child marriages while living overseas it blows my mon and people turn a blind eye as it is a cultural norm. It is correct to take the right for a woman to choose her path in life.

We need to start even in the smallest of ways to empower women globally, whether it is by supporting a woman owned business or mentoring a young lady if you are skilled in any area that could potentially bring increase to her life; you are making an impact ! When you do that it improves the quality of life for women and families. Get involved in areas in the community to help bring a voice to women feeling not just locally but nationally. Let another woman know you care about them and they are of such high importance . WORDS ARE POWERFUL..please don't tear one another down but build each other up.

I believe deeply that the only way this can happen is if each of us do our part. I see generationally we sometimes follow what was modeled so that is why I want to encourage you today to make an investment in education for women or crisis organizations to help bring life to dead areas. We need to be the catalyst to bring about change for women everywhere. I am sure everyone that looks at this article one time or another had felt that they were not being heard. There have been pioneer women that have died for the cause of empowering women. We can come together in unity to proke the change and be a domino effect to be the hands and feet for them to have equality in life.

I challenge you today what can you do to help empower women everywhere!

Post BY: Lisa


  1. I agree that there are a lot of ways that men and women aren’t equal, especially on a global scale. But in America especially, women have many rights and are equal to men. If you focus on ways that women aren’t equal, that’s all you’ll see. If you focus on ways that women are equal, you will find proof for that as well.

  2. Empowering women is so important. Not just on this day but any time we can. FInding small ways to speak life and encouragement.

  3. This is a great article. We must empower women now to be strong for our future generations! While we've come a long way, there is still gender inequality here in the US whether people realize it or not!

  4. Great article. I agree, women go through so much in this world. We need to really start to uplift one another even in the smallest of ways.

  5. Gender equality is the topic of debates and arguments always. We need to empower women in all the manners

  6. Gender equality is the topic of debates and arguments. We really need to empower women to be the better self


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