The Best Way to Introduce Food to a Picky Child

I am not sure if your kids are like mine! They love to eat pizza, chicken nuggets and tater tots all the time! Those are mom’s quick go-to’s on those long days of working and juggling motherhood. But, seriously kids are picky they hate veggies and anything that has texture! It feels like mission impossible at times.

So what do you do?
Get creative! That’s what you do… super creative in the nutrition world for kids!

I always start with affirmations on they will make you big and strong … that’s one secret weapon. There are also secret ways to sneak the veggies in! Such as mixing it into the pasta with sauce or rice. I do make shapes and plates colourful for my kids to get excited. Many times soups can be your best friend. They can also disguise different vegetables or meats. Think of it like a hearty soup like a stew. I do smoothies with spinach snuck in there little eyes can't see! I even try to get them interested in the shopping with me and cooking so they get excited for their accomplishments. 
Who knows you could birth a world-renowned chef!

We have a reward system that works wonders too. I really try to encourage things that we can do together such as stickers, prizes, drawing, games or a movie. My boys love the prizes! Please don’t fill them up on sweets that is the worst thing you can do because they will develop terrible eating patterns; make the reward something they enjoy. That’s my last resort if the affirmations are failing miserably. 

All children operate differently and please do not get discouraged. I started with giving fresh veggies and fruits in the puree as babies when I lived overseas … I thought that was awesome just because of the vitamins and richness of the food for the babies. Just remember to try new things shapes and sizes! Always remember to take it slow and steady don't give up, this will develop their eating habits for life!
Post BY: Lisa


  1. Girl, you’ve definitely gotten creative. Thankfully I don’t have that issue. My daughters not that big of a picky eater there are something’s she doesn’t eat, but, for the most part she’s an excellent eater. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the info! Love the reward system too.

  3. These are such great ways to try and get kids to eat veggies! My son is picked then my daughter so sometimes its hard to get him to do it but I keep trying!

  4. Good job on getting creative. I’m lucky my kids are not picky eaters and actually enjoy eating their vegetables:)

  5. Great tips! My daughter thankfully is a great eater, has been since she was little.


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