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Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers

Bronzer is a product I always forget about. After years of searching for the right shade and failing miserably (they’re generally too dark, too chalky, too sparkly for me), I gave up on using a bronzer in my makeup routine. That is, until I discovered the Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers – which allowed me to try out a multitude of formulas.

Lise Watier: Havana All Over Baked Bronzer + Swatch

For years I stayed away from bronzers because of my skin tone. I felt that because I was "bronze" I didn't need a bronzer. Years later, I realize that I was totally doing it wrong!

Now I know the capabilities of a bronzer/highlighter. I also know mattes or cool tones don't work for me.

When I get a good bronzer, I rejoice! Okay... I know the word rejoice is a little dramatic but trust me! This one is gorgeous.

 Lise Watier: Havana All Over Baked Bronzer!

The no-mess, no-fuss secret to getting that deliciously luminous summer tan in a flash? Ssshh. It's Havana All Over Baked Bronzer. These four gloriously marbled shades of the stone blend marvellously on your skin to imitate the sun's delicious kiss with none of its harmful bite. Marvellous!
I love this bronzer! 
It's a warm tone which compliments my skin tone. I apply it as a highlight on my t-zone and cheeks.
I could also add this to my chest and shoulders for a warm glow.

Do you have a favorite bronzer?

Haul: MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Stick in Gilty Bronze

Ive been walking around with a MAC Gift card for 6 months now... but a few weeks ago all of that changed!

MAC Surf Baby came out and I had to buy the MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Stick. I know some people feel that WOC dont need bronzers but I beg to differ. 

I cant explain how a quick swipe of bronzer as a highlighter can make you GLOW!

I got Gilty Bronze: Coppery bronze with gold shimmer.
The picture below is shot in Natural Light.

This bronzer was kinda pricey for the drug store consumer at $35.50 plus tax. 
All I will say is thank God for the PRO discount and the gift card.

Do you see the GLOW!

Did you pick up any of MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Sticks?