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High-Low Trend

I've decided to embrace the high low trend. 
I recently read an article which stated that they're not for short girls but
I'm going to prove that "theory" wrong!

I recently went into a store that I never go to here called Urban Planet. 
I heard my mom rave about the maxi dresses that they sell and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
$23 dollars later I came out with this awesome bird print high low dress. 
Since I was going to be out all day, I paired it with a denim jacket and Indian bangles.
I know that this trend is not for everyone.

How do you feel about the High-Low Trend?

Fashion: Jean Jackets & Maxi Dresses

One of my favorite Summer combos:
I LOVE everything Kim K is wearing!!
Are you feeling this look?

My first ASOS order! FREE shipping :)

This is my first time ordering of ASOS and I'm ecstatic! Not only because I found cute items..because shipping was FREE to Canada! LOL That's a rare occurrence. I'm currently trying to slowly build my summer wardrobe and these are the two items that I am starting out with:
                                                                       Love them!
What is your favorite?