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Do you help a friend who's committing a fashion CRIME??

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is a MESS! I don't get it.. I don't even know where it's going! LOL.

But she does remind me of a good friend I have.. She has NO sense of style...

I never call her out on it.. NEVER.. so my question for you is:

"If you see your friend making a fashion crime or TWO, do you call them out?"


  1. Harem pants should've never attempted to make a comeback.

  2. lol @ Michelle, but I would let that friend know...because if I am doing something they dnt like, I would love to know too.

  3. I would definitely have to let my friend know. Definitely when they rolling with me! lol But you have to be sensitive of your friend's feelings and put it as nice as you possibly can

  4. i would let her know in a round about suggest items that i think would look good on her

  5. for the love of god, I am not letting you step out of the house lookin TORE UP. Yes you will be informed. LOL...nicely of course :)

  6. i would let him/her know ! but i would say it in a nice way and suggest items that could replace it and make her/him look better without embarassing themselves!

    i really think that you should inform your friend :P

  7. That jacket is just . . . YUCK! & that pose just makes this outfit even more bad. YIKES! I don't like her hair either. Damn it Michelle! I like you, but your fashion I do not.

    xo Nicole


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