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Winged Eyeliner & Wine Lips

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My signature look this year has been pretty simple- Wing liner & bold plum lips. It's quick and effortless. This post was apart of Challenge Four for Fashion magazine's Beauty Panel.
I'm constantly asked how do I get my line so perfect. I will tell you it takes a lot of practice but a good eye liner is key. You can use pencil, liquid, cake or gel liners to get the look.

For time sake, I use liquid liners. I also make sure I get the deepest black. I find it pops on my skin tone and also brings out the brown in my eyes. 

For this particular look I used Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner from Milani. The liner is thin, pointy and deep. People who are new to eye liner may like it because it has a grip. If you still can't get your liner straight, make sure to have some precision qtips on hand to clean up the mess.

What is your favourite liquid eyeliner?


  1. So gorgeous hun, love the liner&lips. My fave liner is Nars eyeliner stylo and L'oreal gel liner

  2. I need to try this liner I have heard great things about it...great post


  3. Thanks for the tips, I definitely need to get more practice in! I'm one of those girl who can't get the line straight or looking the same on each eye. I'll give this another go and report back!

  4. ur liner looks gorgeous miss! ive been loving a glossy yet black liquid liner I got in a magazine called "COMPANY" lately, but I wen't back to my old staple from a bargain brand called 2true a few weeks ago, it has a matte finish though but they both last for really long :) x

  5. Love wine lips! The winged liner looks awesome. :)

  6. my fave liquid liner is the L'Oreal carbon black!

  7. Gorgeous, I love this look on you! :D


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