Caryl Baker Visage- The Ultimate Facial

How many times a year do you get a professional facial? 
Every month? Every six months? NEVER?

What If I told you that you can do this at your local mall!

I was recently treated to the "Ultimate Facial" at Caryl Baker Visage. 
The Ultimate Facial is a 60 minute treatment that combines the use of 

deeply hydrating collagen and cell boosting oxygen.
I got my complimentary facial done by a very knowledgeable lady named Jacqueline. She answered all of my questions! I love the fact that she wanted to get to know my skin. We talked about what I think my problem areas are and what I can do to change it.

Having these conversations are crucial. A lot of places slap on product on you without asking what your skin regime is, skin type or if you have allergies.

I have a grape allergy and she made sure that she didn't use any products that contained grapeseed oil.

I should also add that she did a skin analysis on me using a magnifying lamp. Other than the light discolouration on my cheeks she told me that all my pores are small and consistent. YES!! Honestly that made my day. Hahaha!

Before she added the collagen mask, she properly cleansed my skin. It's really important to start with a clean base to make sure that you get the best out of your facial.

The collagen sheet mask was kept on for 10 mins. Did you know collagen diminishes fine line and wrinkles? I'm blessed that I don't have this issue but I was told that early prevention is the best way to combat it. The second part of the facial involves using cell booting oxygen directly on the skin. It's suppose to plump up the skin and leave you look radiant. 

I will add that going to get it on a Friday evening was not the best idea on my part. The mall was packed and it was noisy (I'm easily distracted). They did put down a privacy screen for me which did help a bit. Next time I'd schedule my appointment for early morning or in the middle of the week when I know not as busy.

Overall, I loved the facial. My skin looked amazing and I loved the products she used.


  1. Those products look so enticing, i'm going to have to look those up.

  2. The facial sounds really good&its great to know u loved it hun. I love when pple discuss ur skin issues with u rather than jus slap on loads of products and u don't hav a clue what is going on. Great post babe. My last facial was february


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