I'm one of 10 All-Canadian Beauty Blogs You Need To Know Via Flare Magazine

I'm still in awe that Flare magazine named Spiced Beauty as one of 10 All-Canadian Beauty Blogs You Need To Know. I heard about the list on Faces by Farah (one of fave bloggers who was on the list as well) facebook page. Never in a million years would I expect to see my blog. 

The part that really touched my heart was "This blog isn't only for women of colour, but having an editor that showcases colour palettes on a darker complexion is definitely an asset."

That line embodies everything that I've tried to achieve for the past 4 years. It brings me back to the times when I was younger and I watched others shop through the makeup aisles. I felt like nothing matched/would compliment my "dark/deep" skin tone. I do not want anyone to feel how I felt those times. 

That's why I started Spiced Beauty. I really feel that everyone regardless of skin tone has the right to have one beauty product that truly makes them confidently smile when they put it on. If I can help you achieve that feeling, that's truly all that matters to me.

Thank you for reading <3


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