NCLA Nail Lacquer is now sold at Nailpolishcanada

Pastel are slowly creeping into my beauty collection.
It's a trend that I think looks best on my nails.

I recently had the opportunity to try out NCLA nail lacquers ($16) from Nailpolishcanada.
I had no idea what to expect from the brand but I heard  it's a celebrity favourite worn by Beyonce, Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus

Am: Beauty Sleep, Pm:Shopping Spree
Mint Green

Don't Call Me Peachy!
 Peach Nude Cream 
About these polishes:
Application was a tad difficult at first. A little streaky but I know that's common with creamy pastel colours. These polishes required three to four coats. As you can see in the picture above two coats was definitely not enough.

The drying time was pretty quick but I know that building coats can be time consuming. If you have the patience, I would recommend these polishes.


  1. Oh pastels...always nice colours to wear...but always such a pain.

    Anyway, I like that Mint Green is super light~ thanks for introducing a new brand to me :)

  2. Great colors, I'll have to check these out for sure

  3. Gorgeous shades.. I literally cant wait to wear pastelle shades xx

  4. These are really pretty shades! I love pastel nail colors for the spring/summer time :)

  5. Pastel shades are so soft and girly loves it especially the mint shade


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