Every princess needs her crown + Get to know me!

I <3 this ring! Have you ever seen something and fell in love with it .. and had to have it no matter how much it cost...That is my exact relationship with this ring :) It sounds like I'm talking about a boy..LOL..moving on.

In about 3 months is my 2 year Bloggerversary! I love blogging and reading all your amazing blogs.I've noticed I don't have an extensive biography, so I saw this great post from the October Photo challenge. Please comment below and let me know if you have any questions or similar likes :D

Jenn, Jennifer, Jenny..my daddy calls me princess
80's baby
Suburbs away from Toronto
Hair Colour
Dark Blackish/Brown
Eye Colour
Cute little brother
Marital Status
4 years in a relationship :D
What Makes Me Happy
Shopping , Cotton Candy, Cake, Make up, Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, Vacations, Cute Hair styles...need I go on LOL
What Makes Me Sad
People who lie..cheat or hate. I also hating disappointing people & myself..
Best feeling in the world
Happiness.. Success
Pet Peeves
Random ppl touching me, commenting on my weight & people who don't admit that they're wrong!
Biggest Weakness
Sales & Cake <3
Cause Worth Fighting For
Cancer... Love
Ever Been In Love
Body Part(s) On Opposite Sex
Remember Your First crush
Yuppers :)
Fast Random Facts:
I'm not a snob...I just have a straight face a lot
I've seen she's the man 11.5 times.. yes Channing but I worked for Satellite company lol
I paid for my College education on my own mostly with my Mc Donalds job.. you laugh but I'm debt free with a Diploma..
I've been in an above ground fresh water cave before.. one of the scariest times of my life..
I only started to eat garlic bread like 3 years ago... I hate trying new things lol

Thank you all for reading & following me :)


  1. you're too cute! i still remember the first day we met!

  2. congrats-I just love your blog:-)

  3. That ring is... ahhh a must have! lol. hHope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg =/

    I'm a new follower to your blog & I love it!! and like you, I adore Channing Tatum =)


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