FOTD: No Make up Make up look

As promised here are some  pictures with my bangs and FOTD. One of the first looks I learned in school was in "no make up make up look". I swear in class I always thought I would never use it.. but visit your favorite store and you will see a least one poster with a fresh faced model. My teacher told me that if you can prefect this look, you can build a whole career on it!

My essential no make up look included:
***You can also wear foundation if you want a flawless base, I chose not too"
Concealer- Cinema Secrets palette in foundation palette 11(Cover those under eye circles!)
Mascara- 2 coats of Cargo triple action
Brows- Brow Gel
Blush- Optional but it gives a warm glow. I used MUFE (not shown)
Lips- Annabelle espresso lipliner & MAC stealing kisses lipglass
 This lipglass is my favorite! Perfect for my No Make up Make up look :)

 I can also part the hair in the middle for a cute look... I look 17 in this pic LOL

How do you feel about the No Make up Make up look?


  1. I'm tired of my same old makeup routine so I'm trying out the no makeup kind of makeup looks more these days! You got bangs.. they look nice!!

  2. the no makeup look is one of my favorites lately. i guess that's why i took to the naked palette so quickly. i'll be putting together a no makeup look on wed. for an interview.

  3. Pretty No Make up Make up look. <3

  4. I hate parting my hair in the middle as I have such a huge forehead, and it also makes me look wayyyy too young x_x

    I love the no makeup look (=

  5. I love the no makeup look.

    I love that it can be as simple or as complicated as you want to be.

  6. Love the look! Subtle and natural, beautiful;)
    Beautiful, Fabulous & Fierce!!

  7. You look great! I love subtle makeup. :]

  8. your bangs are so cute!! Im working with a middle part myslef these days. Your natural face looks very fresh. I dig it :)


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