Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color swatches

I had the chance to try six Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color for Spiced Beauty. Although they looked amazing, I had no idea how they would look on me.

Would they be cheap, non-pigmented or low quality?

After my first swatch, I couldn't believe how they were the complete opposite of my thoughts.

I wear mostly mattes and we all know how chalky and unflattering they can be but these have quickly become my favorites. Let's get on with the swatches!

Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color Bundles in Beautiful Brown
Your eye color – intensified! Expert makeup artists have done the thinking for you – picking the right vibrant, long-lasting mineral eye shades to make your eye color pop. The Beautiful Brown bundle for brown eyes features three mineral eye shades in Sienna, Midnight Star and Silky Caramel, plus easy application tips and FREE eye applicators.

Left to Right: Midnight Star, Silky Caramel & Sienna
Gorgeous colors!

These three are individuallong-lasting, fade-resistant, mineral-based shade Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Colors.

Sweet Plum, Honey Base & Almond 

Here is another picture of me wearing Almond & Honey Base.  

What color is your favorite?


  1. I have to say Sweet Plum was the one that jumped out at me, its beautiful!

  2. ohhh my sweet plum is so beautiful! And Honey Base would be the perfect highlight for me (I don't like them too light-coloured). Thanks for the swatches!

  3. These colors look really nice & pigmented! Almond is my fav of the bunch.

  4. Great post and swatches. I'm a fan of Mary Kay eye shadows as well. :)

  5. Those swatches are amazing, so pigmented and vibrant.

  6. Jennifer, I am so glad that you reviewed the Mary Kay line of mineral eye shadows. I have posted this to my Twitter account and will be using it as a testimony for when I host parties! Thanks so much for the review! I may send you more shadows to review! :) And ladies, you can definitely get your shadows from me if you are in need!

  7. What a unique table to begin with, the new look is too cool, and you even saved the nailhead adornments!! Lucky daughter and son-in-law. this blog


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