My Mini Nars Collection: Red Lizard, Taj Mahal & Exhibit A

I'm always getting questioned about Nars blushes. My collection is very tiny but cute. It consists of two blushes and one lipstick. I've heard nothing but good things about Nars, so of course I'd have to try them out for myself!
I think every girl should have at least one NARS blush!

Taj Mahal
Orange with a shimmer
This blush is super pigmented! 
You can wear it alone or layer it with Exhibit A.
 Exhibit A
Brilliant red
Gorgeous on every skin tone. A little bit goes a long way! 
 Red Lizard
Pull Powered Red
One of my top five favorite reds. It's like red velvet on the lips!
They all have great pigmentation & staying power!
Which one is your favorite?


  1. i love that taj majal color you have--i've been wanting to try that. i wonder how it will look on me---i have medium skin, so i don't know if it will be too dark.

    the only nars product i have is orgasm blush, and i love it. it is so pretty!

  2. Love Taj Mahal! Still debating on if I want Exhibit A or not. I don't really wear red blushes.

  3. I have Taj Mahal - love it. the nars lady did suggest Exhibit A to me but I was scared of it.

  4. Love taj Mahal.... Such a lovely color that compliments our skintones.... Beautiful!

  5. I'm scared of both Taj Mahal and Exhibit A as I have light medium skin, lol! But I do like the red lippie. I have a tone of Nars lipsticks yet none are red. I gtta check it out!

  6. Taj Mahal and Exhibit A has been on my NARS wishlist for soo long (I can't get them here in sweden though :/ ).. I do have Deep Throat blush from when I was in London, and I love it! Use it every day =)

  7. That lippie is amazing! It's the perfect shade of red. I like the orgasm blush. It's the one that has worked best on me, if I could say so myself.

  8. such gorgeous colour! love them all.

  9. Taj Mahal I have and love, but I am terrified (but completely intrigued) by Exhibit A. Looks terrific on your skintone!

  10. Love Taj Mahal and definitely want to get my hands on Exhibit A

  11. Great NARS collection! I might have to buy that red lipstick; it looks like the perfect red. NARS Taj Mahal & Exhibit A are my favourites. You need NARS Mounia now. ;)

  12. These look so beautiful :)

    Love Christine ♥

  13. Gotta love Nars,I love taj mahal&taos....great swatches


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