What should I get for my back to MAC?

I have 6 items to return and a giftcard!
I need some help deciding what to get!
Thanks in advance <3


  1. i would b2m my items for a lipstick 'coz I am a lipstick-aholic and I don't like MAC lipglosses and I have tons of eyeshadows already lol! I have to do the same thing actually thank you for reminding me :)

  2. Definitely get some concealer. They have those new ones that helps protect you from the sun this Summer! Ooh and get some fun, fresh, vibrant lip glosses!

    xoxo, Bree


  3. How exactly does back to mac work? I've never done it myself but I see lots of ppl talk about it.

  4. I don't know what you have, but get a lipstick. Shades: Touch, Sophisto or Jubilee.

  5. Eyeshadow: Club
    Pigment: Blue Brown
    Lipstick: Ruby Woo, Chaud, Girl About Town

    And a makeup brush!

  6. Once you get into MAC there will be 10 things that you want and it will be hard to decide. I usually b2m for a lipstick, I have a long list of ones that I want.


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