Best Birthday present ever + mini clothing haul

Two years ago I left my job in retail for a job which related to my college diploma. Other than the nice discount, I missed dressing the mannequins. Doing the picks, coordinating accessories, ironing, pinning and adjusting! *sigh*

I vowed that I would incorporate all of those tasks in back into my of these days. Two weeks ago my BF gave me the greatest present ever!!

My very own hanging torso
I had to cover her lady parts..haha!

I can't tell you all how excited I am! 
I'm always shopping but I never get the time to show you what I buy.
Now I can share my deals with you.

Check out what I got on sale of course:

Beaded Maxi Dress
from Suzy Shier
$40.00 on sale for $20.00
The detail around the bust is gorgeous.
Medium Length Lace Top
from Winners
$29.99 on sale for $12.99
I love the arm part!

Detailed t-shirt
from topshop
On sale but I can't remember the price
I want to wear this with a cute pair of denim shorts!
Polka dot dress
from Sirens
$7.50 on sale
A cute pair of wedges and I'm set!
I hope you all enjoyed :) I have more posts coming!


  1. I'm loving the detail on that maxi dress =) what a great birthday present!

  2. Wow, how cool! I never knew you could buy a mannequin!

  3. Love that polka dot dress! I really want a torso too - might help me plan outfits more easily!

  4. Happy Birthday! That is the best present ever!!

  5. Really cute stuff, especially the polka dot dress! I guess I've been underestimating Sirens these days. Would love to see more clothing hauls using your hanging torso lol. Great post :)

  6. your bf is a genius--that is a FANTASTICAL present!!!

  7. How sweet of him! I want one now! Lol. I love the polka dot dress. :]


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