Nails: Gelish Seafoam Green

I'm slowly adding more pastels colours into my wardrobe. I had some nail issues for a bit but now they are back to healthy. I decided it would be a good time to try a gel polish to grow out my nails to my ideal length. I went to the salon and they used Gelish Seafoam green on my nails. 

To spice up my nails the nail tech did a funky design on my accent nail. 


What colour should I try next?


  1. I love, love, love mint green! Stunning! x

  2. This is so cute. Love it Jenn! How about lilac next?

  3. love it Jen! (Can I call you Jen?) I asked because my sister-cousin-bestfriend's name is Jennifer and if you're not family or close, she hates for people to call her Jen LOL! so I had to ask!

    Anyway, LOOOVE these nails! beautiful color and I love the design!

  4. Is this a gel nail thing you can do yourself at home? Looks pretty!

  5. Love this Jenn! I haven't tried gel mani. But I do have a few colors like this!


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