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Pregnancy Skin: First and Second Trimester - How I battled it!

I’m not gonna lie, I was able to hide my pregnancy for so long because I hardly had any changes. I was one of the lucky ones in my first trimester and second trimester: Amazing skin. I truly did not start showing until I was about 6 months or so. At about 7 months is when the real skin changes started to occur. Some people are probably going to tell me that I’m overreacting but that’s when I started to get dark patches and occasional pimple flare up.... on odd parts of my face.

 Think about it... if you’re not used to something and then you wake up and it happens out of nowhere... it’s totally overwhelming. This is ALL hereditary.
If your mom had all those pregnancy issues its totally going to happen to you.

Three Gentle Back to School Products for your Skin: Cerave

I'm not 16 anymore- so my skin care routine is even more important.

I told you all my story many times. How when I was younger, I used to be blemish free... then I turned about 25 or so I started to see pimples. It was really disheartening. I go through times where I find products that work amazing for me and other times where my skin was a MESS. I'm really liking CERAVE. This brand was formulated with dermatologist to help repair your skin. It is also non-comedogenic, fragrance free and leaves and no irritation. Everything in the line is so mild( that I've tried).  Right now I have a good regimen going on which I think I'm going to stick to until the winter.

If you're going back to school and need some skin care advice. Definitely check out these products.

Canadian Made: Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase

Growing up, I've always known the importance of silk pillows. But they were way to expensive for me to invest in. So cotton was the way to go. Honestly, it was wreaking havoc on my face silently. My sleeping masks weren't doing their jobs. My lash extensions were falling out prematurely. I won't even go on. That's when I found out about Cherise at Therapie. She has a line of  Silk and Bamboo Pillowcases, eyemasks, booties and mitts. I interviewed her to find out more about her line.

How did start your business?
I started Therapie to fill a need I saw in my skin rejuvenation and hair restoration business, Results Cosmetic & Wellness Therapies. My clients invest in high quality skin and hair care products and in expensive in office treatments for their face and hair. I want them to get the best possible results for their investment. Hopefully, they have their face/ hair pressed up against a pillowcase for 6 to 8 hours out of 24 hours. That pillowcase influences the beauty of skin, hair, and lashes. A pure silk pillowcase is the kindest to the face, hair and lashes. The pure bamboo panels keep that pillowcase in place so you actually sleep.

Why are silk pillow cases important?
A pure silk pillowcase is important because no other fabric has the slip, slide and glide of pure silk. It is the kindest fabric to the delicate skin of the face and to hair. It's the gentlest fabric on lash extensions. It's very breathable so it feels cooling to hot sleepers. This starts being very important for all women as they get older, even as early as in their mid 30s.

What are the benefits of silk pillow cases?
The problem with a traditional silk pillowcase is that you might not sleep well. Because of the great slip, slide and glide of pure silk, it makes your pillow move around under your head. And the case likes to work its way off the pillow. The 2 bamboo panels act like grip and eliminate this problem.

When should I wash my pillow cases?
If you wear makeup to bed, you'll need to wash your Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase more frequently. If there's a lot of styling products in your hair at the end of your day, you'll want to wash your pillowcase more frequently. With acne, wash your pillowcase more frequently. Otherwise, aim for every second week.

How to wash - hand washing best preserves the luster of silk. Turn inside out. Use a fine fabric wash. Soak in warm soapy water for at least 5 minutes. I let mine soak for about 20 minutes. Squeeze soapy water out, do not twist or wring out. Silk is its most fragile when it's wet. Soak in cold water for a minute or two, to rinse. Squeeze water out again, lay on dry clean towel and roll up the towel. Squeeze the heck out of the towel. Then place pillowcase over a towel bar of the back of a chair, to dry. If you need to machine wash, a mesh bag for delicates is a must. Turn inside out, put in mesh bag. Do a gently cycle, the smallest load possible, only like colors. Do not bleach. Do the shortest cycle possible. Dry the same way.

What is the best way to wash/dry them?
If pillowcase is still damp before bed, tumble dry, inside out, for 5 minutes by itself.