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Sally Hansen Perfect Plucker Scissor Style Tweezers

I get my brows threaded twice a month. In the between time, I try to maintain some decent looking brows.

Brows can easily make or break your face. I know that's harsh but it's the truth.

My brow hair is thick and grows pretty fast. I honestly struggle to pluck out the stray hairs sometimes.

Lately I have been using my trusty Sally Hansen Perfect Plucker Scissor Style Tweezers.

They can be found in your local drug store like Shopper's Drug Mart or Zellers.

The "scissor" style grip is easy to maneuver. It allows me to grip the hair firmly and grab on to any small thick hairs which are starting in grow in. Plus the handles are the perfect size for my fingers.

The best part of about these tweezers is the fact that you can find them for under $10.00. That may be steep for some but I know a brand that cost 20.00+ and they're pretty popular. If I can get the same quality for half the price I'll stick with that.

I know someone out there may be interested in seeing it in "action". Here is a picture of me trying to clean up some stray brow hairs.

As you can see it's pretty easy to use.

If there is anyone out there with some thick unruly brows, this may be a great option for you.

How to Keep Your Cuticles Looking Their Best

Summer is coming! You know what that means..
Fabulous summer nail trends!

Dana Caruso, Sally Hansen Beauty Expert shares the best way to keep your cuticles looking their best:
Treating your cuticles is one of the most important inclusions to your weekly nail regime, particularly when the cooler weather sucks the moisture from your body, your skin is drier and in need ofa little more TLC. When treating the cuticle it’s important to follow the “GOLDEN RULE” only remove what is torn, cracked, and lifted! NEVER cut what is attached and intact. Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Eraser Balm, contains cucumber and green tea extracts known to moisturize, soothe and nourish rough dry skin. If the cuticle is neglected it can become dehydrated and potentially sore, so it’s a good idea to keep your cuticles supple and nourished.

Sally Hansen, Rimmel & NYC Color Collections- Spring 2012

In 2011, I attended a preview for the 2012 spring collection for Sally Hansen, Rimmel & NYC Color.

I'm so excited to share with you guys some of the great products that are now creeping into your local drugstores. The best part is how there is something for everyone! Whether you're a nail, mascara or lipstick junkie.

Sally Hansen introduces the first one coat cover glitter nail polish called Gem Crush.  Mixing up multi-colored reflectivity, and uniquely sized particles and shapes, this nail color reflects and brings runway to reality. Get instant glam with just one coat.

 8 edgy and daring shades.
Sally Hansen has reformulated its Diamond Strength line to include double the diamonds for hardness and brilliance, platinum to strengthen and aluminum for ample shine effect. The no-chip colour stops nails from breaking and provides a brilliant multi-faceted shine.
Diamond Strength is available in 24 shades.

Sally Hansen has developed 8 new variations of nude colours making it the must-have new colour collection. The polish virtually erases ridges and imperfections to give your nails a porcelain smooth finish.

I got to check out Fog. I loved the barely there pastel look. The line comes in 8 different colors!

Sally Knows nails are the best accessory. Now, Sally makes it easy to get a salon effect any time, any place. It wears like nail polish because it IS nail polish. No dry time, so you’re ready to go.


For this new Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick collection, Kate worked closely with Rimmel to design a chic matte black pack that perfectly represents her glamorous rock’n’roll style.  Kate’s iconic pack is truly personalised with her signature in an eye catching stand-out red giving it true elegance with an edge!
She created 15 stunning shades exclusively for the Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick collection. Four stars shades in particular embody Kate's own style.

The colors are gorgeous!

NEW VINYL MAX LIPGLOSS. With a revolutionary volumizing complex and clever new one swipe wand, lips are plump for a huge impact! MAXimum shine, MAXimum comfort, MAXimum colour!

The pictures do the colors no justice. These are so amazing! Pigmented & moisturizing.

Get double the colour combination with NYC City Duet 2-in-1 Split Lipstick.  This lipstick comes with 2 gorgeous shades in one single bullet.  Mixing and matching lipstick shades was never so easy. 

10 colors to choose from.1 Lipstick! 3 Looks! So easy!

I will be reviewing a few products on the blog from these collections soon.

Is there anything that you would like to try?

Nail Polish Haul: Wet n Wild & Sally Hansen

I decided to give in and buy some more Spring/Summer colors! All these bottles were from $2.99 from Zellers. For my Americans, Zellers is like a watered down Target..haha.

I know that these bottles usually retail for $1.99 in USA.

Lets me show you each bottle.. these pictures came out true to color :)
Just in case you fall in love here are the names:
Sally Hansen Blue Me Away
Sally Hansen Green with Envy
Wet n Wild Garden Hose
Wet n Wild Sunburst
L to R- Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, Sally Hansen Green with Envy, Wet n Wild Garden Hose & Wet n Wild Sunburst.

Gorgeous colors!

Which color is your favorite?