How to Keep Your Cuticles Looking Their Best

Summer is coming! You know what that means..
Fabulous summer nail trends!

Dana Caruso, Sally Hansen Beauty Expert shares the best way to keep your cuticles looking their best:
Treating your cuticles is one of the most important inclusions to your weekly nail regime, particularly when the cooler weather sucks the moisture from your body, your skin is drier and in need ofa little more TLC. When treating the cuticle it’s important to follow the “GOLDEN RULE” only remove what is torn, cracked, and lifted! NEVER cut what is attached and intact. Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Eraser Balm, contains cucumber and green tea extracts known to moisturize, soothe and nourish rough dry skin. If the cuticle is neglected it can become dehydrated and potentially sore, so it’s a good idea to keep your cuticles supple and nourished.


  1. its always good to keep your cuticles in good shape. im guilty of not keeping up with it =/

  2. great post,very useful thanks for sharing hun


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