Essence Launches in Canada!

I could not contain my excitement when I received an invite to the Essence Launch Party.
As a beauty blogger, I have been reading essence posts on other blogs for years.
I've always admired their quality & affordable pricing. 

Thankfully Canadians like myself can now indulge in their goodies at
 Shoppers Drug Mart & Pharmprix!
Did you know?
  • Essence is the #1 Value Brand in the world.
  • Price range from $1.49 to $4.99
  • Sold in more than 55 countries worldwide
Here are some great pictures I took from their setup to get you familiar with the brand.
Mono Shadows $2.49
Stay with me Long Lasting Lipgloss $2.99
Eyeshadow Quattro $3.99
XXXL shine nude lipgloss $2.49
Color & Go quick drying nail polish $1.49
Mascaras ranging up to $4.99
They also offer unique limited edition collections with their value pricing. 
We can look for six collections per year!

I still can not get over the price of the essence line.
I have tested out some of the products and I'm astonished how great the quality is.
The eyeliners are long lasting, the glosses are not sticky and the polishes have great consistency.

I'm happy to see brands like Essence come to Canada and offer more variety at a lower cost.

Have you tried anything from Essence before?


  1. The XXXL lipglosses are some of my faves! Such great quality for so cheap.

  2. I've never tried anything from Essence, but I've read on Sparkled Beauty's blog that they're currently at Shoppers (she lives in NS though)

    Excited to see what they have in store. The prices that you posted, are they CDN? or USD?

  3. they recent;y launched their full range in my country and I very exited,their products are so affordable:)


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