Beauty News: Burt Bee's, eos, AVON, AXE new Fragrance

Burt's Bees® launches a Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin
 Life is so much harder when you have sensitive skin. 
Okay.. I'm being over dramatic but sensitive skin does suck. Since I'm a buzz Agent I received a Burt's Bees Cleanser and Daily Moisturizing Cream to try out. So far its been pretty good. 
It's very gentle and okay for daily use.
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These gentle formulas are clinically proven to cleanse and moisturize sensitive skin without causing redness or irritation. Softening Cotton Extract helps skin replenish its outer later, shielding it from potential irritants such as harsh soaps or cleansers, so your sensitive skin will look and feel beautiful, naturally.

Can be found at major drug & food stores 
Great ready for Spring with eos!

I remember when I got my first sphere in Lemon. I used it daily until there was NOTHING left. I loved it but didn't know what flavor to get next. Now I can pick according to my mood:

Sweet & Sassy — Summer Fruit
Cool & Calm — Honeysuckle Honeydew
Sleek & Classic — Sweet Mint

Avon launches the Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

Avon & I go way back. Back to me being thirteen years old selling AVON to my teachers. Now that I think about it I laugh. I had my business woman hat on from an early age. Last month, they launched the Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid. 
Contact your AVON rep to purchase
Formulated with professional-grade ingredients, Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid
retexturizes skin overnight, exfoliating, retexturing and replenishing skin to leave it looking younger,
smoother and revitalized. In a clinical study vs. three professional microdermabrasion treatments over
12 weeks, Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid was 79% as effective as a professional
microdermabrasion without the same irritation.

AXE launches a NEW female fragrance

I like scent of AXE. It doesn't make me create havoc like the females in the commercial but I appreciate a great smelling man. I wonder if men will think the same now that AXE has launched their first scent for ladies. 

Anarchy For Her is a feminine mix of sparkling fruity notes [apple, blackberry] with soft florals at the heart and a light finish of sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Delicate and fun, Anarchy For Her is designed to be used throughout the day.


  1. Cool roundup. I love burts bees products but i've never heard of this line

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  2. - I was so disappointed when I went to CVS today and they didn't have the EOS lip balm. I think it was just the one that I went to but my lips need some TLC, ASAP. Lol. I'm going to keep hunting though.

  3. I bought my first eos at walmart last week! I was sooo happy!! Lol


  4. Oh that Burts Bee range looks interesting!! Thanks for the tip gonna check that out..x

  5. New Range for Burt Bees. thanks for informing

  6. Haha you were an Avon Rep at 13? That's awesome!! If you do Avon or mark reviews tweet me so I can link your post to my Avon FB page :)


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