China Glaze Magnetix Collection

I recently got the opportunity to try out two polishes from China Glaze Magnetix collection on the website.

These polishes are made with magnetic particles that form designs when a magnetic is placed over it.

China Glaze Magnetix comes in six different shades with one all-in-one magnet.

 The magnet has three patterns: Star, Chevron & Diagonal Lines. Out of the three patterns the star was my favorite!
For best results first apply a base coat to clean, bare nails. Then apply a coat of colored polish and immediately hold the design magnet over the polish for 10-15 seconds.
The experience:
I found this kinda difficult at first. I was adding to much polish and the design wouldn't "come" through. After a while when I only added one coat, I was more successful. These pictures below are from my first attempts:
As weird as this seems... I love the fact that the polish tried quietly. Also the colors are rich & vibrant.

 The con in terms of the magnet is that you have to work fast. As soon as you apply the one coat, apply the magnet ASAP. I had to learn how to master getting the magnet close enough not to ruin the polish.

Overall, I find the idea of magnetic polish pretty cool. I probably would only put them on my accent nails. Perfect way to change up a look with very little efort.

What do you think of magnetic nail polishes? 
Have you tried any before?


  1. While the concept of magenetic polishes are great tooo many compnies are using it and its beginning to look old. I would love to see magnetic polishes with more vibrant shades other than colours of a metallic finish. I think your mani turned out great.

  2. this is soo cool!! i have been seeing ads for this everywhere! i have to try it! thanks for sharing!


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