I love Montagne Jeunesse Masks!

Very few people know this but I love face masks! 

My love started at 14 when I use to make my own concoctions. It was fun but a total mess. Once I started to make my own money, I bought the ones at the store. They were cheaper and much more effective. Montagne Jeunesse is among my favorites.
We pulp, crush, squeeze, juice and extract all of the goodness of nature's fruits and flowers to help make you beautiful. All products are vegetarian, never tested on animals or use suppliers who have, and are as green and eco-friendly as possible.
I reviewed the "Crystallised Honey & Passion Flower Mask"  in one of my earlier posts. 
It was gentle and smelled great.

 I'm thinking of creating a mask series to show you all what I use. 
Would you like to see that?


  1. I absolutely love Montagne Jeunesse masks. I would love to see a mask series!

  2. Have you tried the chocolate ones? They are to die for!

  3. yes! I would love a mask series.
    I lovve loading up in these when I go to the drugstore. I really like the Green Tea one!

  4. Mask series sounds fun yes do it please! Never tried those ones before

  5. They are seriously the best masks around! Try the Fruit Smoothie and Vanilla Fudge for a real treat ;)

  6. I love these products! I have yet to find one I don't love. The fruit smoothie one smells divine and makes me hungry, but my skin feels so nice!

  7. I'd love to see more posts on masks, so definitely write them!

    The Montagne Jeunesse masks bring back teenage memories but I need to go back to using them because they were quite good.

  8. I Love These Face masks defiantly do a mask series


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