Jean Vest inspiration for Spring/Summer: Rihanna, Kim K, Nicki & Keri Hilson

I love the combinations that you can rock them with.
Jeans, tights, shorts, skirts.. the combinations are limitless.
Check out some of my favorite picks:

Rihanna: Cropped with white slashed denim

Nicki Minaj: Graphic v-neck top

Keri Hilson: Black tank top & leather pants

Kim Kardashian: White tank top & tights

Would you rock them?


  1. For me this is not my style but it look great on them and I can think of a few people I know who would wear these looks.

  2. Love this on Rihanna! Wish I could pull it off.

  3. Thanks for the comment.. definitely! Im looking for something like this to put studs on like Nicki's one.. xx

  4. I love how Rihanna rocked it, head to toe. I world like Kims version for myself, but longer length jacket though.

  5. Gosh, yes! But I gotta get a flat stomach first. This would look weird on me with a little pooch bulging out haha.

  6. Yes...I love the jean waistcoats been looking for some it needs to hurry up and warm up over here.

    1. awww love the word I need the heat to hurry up too!

  7. yes i would rock this,love it


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