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Who's that GIRL+ FOTD

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Excuse my odd facial expression :)

So if you haven't noticed I got some extensions in my hair. I've had short hair for a while and I really wanted to switch it up! Also I wear glasses very rarely but it matched my outfit, so I decided to show off the Gucci's :) (This is the only Gucci item I have :|)

Charlotte Russe plaid short sleeve top $4.99
H&M earrings $3.90


I decided to do a FOTD because I have been getting some inquiries.     
   -MAC Plushlash Mascara(MAC)                     
   - Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner (Walmart)                             
   -Smashbox Eyebrighter ( Sephora)                                        
   - L.A eyeliner in White(themakeupmixshop)              

   SIMPLE but perfect for glasses and NON-glasses wears

Cheeks and Lips

-MAC gentle simmer slimshine

-Make up Forever Blush in 18

I hope you like this simple FOTD. I hope to do more soon <3


  1. Nice Jen, I'm feeling the hair do too :)

  2. very nice! and love the new blog look too

  3. cute! And I'm loving the new banner for your blog!

  4. Oooooh extensions! Looks hot!
    I have to wear my glasses, I'm blind as hell. lmao.

  5. Nice!!!! I love that blush color! I need it!

    Great new banner btw!!!!

  6. Love it!!!!

    I awarded your blog w/an an pick it up here..

    This happens to be my book blog, but come check out my makeup blog...

  7. i love me some natural hair but the extensions look great on u too


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