Woo I won a huge Eve Pearl giveaway!

I won a amazing twitter giveaway from makeupbyrenren.
1. HD Dual Foundation (Dark) – $54
2. Salmon Concealer ® MC (Dark) – $35
3. HD Dual Pressed Powder (Dark) – $42
4. Eye Palette– Diva Eyes – $40
5. Blush Trio (DARK-Sultry Cheeks) – $36
6. Smudge proof Liquid Eyeliner (BLACK PEARL) – $26
7. Mascara (LUSH LASH) – $22
8. Lip Color | 208-Cherry Cola – $24
9. Kohl Lip Pencil & Brush Combo (CARAMEL) – $18
10. KOP Lip Gloss Combo – 104-Moonlight Kiss/Stardust – $28
11. Angle Brush – $25
12. Allover Eye Shadow Brush – $18
13. Smudger Crease Brush– $18
14. Liner Brush– $15
15. Spray Bottle– $3
Other than the foundations which will be going into my kit.. what do you want to see swatches or HD pictures of?


  1. Oh, wow!!!!! Congrats.. I want to see the blushes and palette. Oh, and how's the mascara? I love mascara. HAHA.

  2. woohoo, that's a great package, congrats :)

  3. yay!!! thats great girl! congrats

  4. wow I'm jelaous. I have her foundation and powder... oh and a mattifying gel. I barely use her stuff though

  5. Congrats!

    Curious about the Salmon Concealer. Let me know how you like it.

    @Kizzy on twitter :-)

  6. oooo. congrats! i wanna see swatches of the diva eyes palette &blushes! :]

  7. I love the salmon concealer! Dark circles are hereditary in my family so when I finally found her concealer I was like, omg that was so simple! Lol congrats girl!


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