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Current Obsession: Caudalie Grape Water

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

There is a big difference between dewy and oily skin. I finally found a product that gives me that dewy look I want without making me look like an oil slick. It was actually a recommendation from the esthetician at Murale. 

 After applying my Make up For ever Pro Finish, I spray Caudalie Grape Water in a "T" formation on my face. I love the look it gives off. It hydrates and refreshes my skin.

I took a huge risk buying this product because I'm actually allergic to grapes.. Yea I know... I'm crazy. Since I'm not ingesting them, I'm okay. Don't Judge me!! 
100 percent grape water toner enriched with moisturizing polysaccharides and mineral salts.
For $12.00 I think it's a great buy because it works with my sensitive skin.
I was wearing the Caudalie Grape Water over MUFE pro finish here. 


  1. u look gorgeous hun,sounds great i wanna try have a few caudalie products on my list.

  2. This product sounds great, something I definitely want to look into! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. interesting product! it gives a really nice glow to your face

  4. I've been looking for this stuff everywhere in Ontario, they don't seem to sell it at the shoppers drug mart in my town

  5. $12 seems to e actually inexpensive for such a wonder product! Glad it works well for your sensitive skin x

  6. I always thought Claudine stuff was expensive...but 12 for this isn't too bad. Maybe once I get through my Avene, I'll give it a shot as well~

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