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Guest Post: ECOTOOLS Polishing Cleansing Cloths

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to thoroughly cleanse your face every night whether you are a heavy makeup wearer or not. I typically double cleanse. First, I remove my makeup with a makeup wipes followed by a cleansing balm/oil and then a regular cleanser using just my hands.

Regular thorough cleansing:
  • Is essential to keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy.
  • Helps your treatments (serums, oils, etc) to work properly
  • Helps maintain proper pore size
  • Encourages proper skin hydration and prevents the production of excess oils
While makeup wipes have been my tried and true tool for removing that first layer oil makeup, oil, dirt of the day, cost wise they can add up and they can be wasteful for the environment - especially when you are using more than one wipe every night (like I do) to get the job done.

Enter my discovery of ECOTOOLS Polishing Cleansing Cloths.

Why you Should Wash your Brushes + Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Palette & Gel

I once had a friend who told me that she didn't know that you were supposed to clean your make up brushes. Guys.. for three years! She had the same brushes...Mind you she was using those cheap synthetic two dollar packs.... But still! The whole concept took me out. I nicely told her to throw out what she has and start fresh.

For some of you guys who don't see a problem.
Here are three issues that you can get with dirty brushes:
-Staph infections(Yes.. google it)
-Clogged pores (Pimples all over)
-Pink eye (You get the idea...)

Every time you hop on Instagram or Twitter you always see somebody complaining about how much they hate washing their brushes. I'm in the same boat... I hate washing my brushes! And I'm going to tell you the truth I have enough brushes that I can go without washing brushes for a while. I know that's not the reality for everyone... so I'm gonna show you the easiest way to clean your brushes right now.

Yes there are DIY methods. But if you're lazy and on the go like me :) Here is the quickest and easiest way to clean your brushes and make sure that you're free of infection and bacteria.

Get the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette ($19.99 CAN) 

New Real Techniques Sponges that you need in your makeup stash!

I know that you have read about my love/hate relationship with makeup sponges. My stance hasn't changed- I'm still #teammakeupsponges. I love finding new shapes and ways to use them. I have been posting these new Real Techniques sponges on my Spicedbeautyblog instagram account and I have been getting a lot of questions and request to post them on the blog! 

Real Techniques 2016 Brushes

It feels great to start 2016 with some new brushes in my collection! 
I've always been a fan of the Real Techniques line. 
High quality brushes at affordable prices. 

Check out what I received: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (10.49 CAN)
I'm obsessed with sponges! I wet them and apply my foundation for the dewy/barely there look.

This is very unique- multi-functional sponge.
 With a dabbing motion use the rounded sides to blend out large areas of the face- Cheeks, forehead..etc. 
Use the flat edge for the contours on your face- Eyes and nose.

Real Techniques dual-fiber Stippling Brush (12.99 CAN).
A secret weapon to looking airbrushed with out the airbrushing machine is a good stippling brush.

The bristles are ultra-plush and 100% cruelty-free.
Might I also add that the bristles are hand-cut!
How crazy is that? 

The last brush is Real Techniques Concealer Brush (10.99 CAN). 
I won't lie- I prefer a sponge for concealer but it's always to have a good angle-cut brush on hand.
This brush can be used with liquid or cream products.

For a full list of where these brushes are sold: Real Techniques Canada

Current Obsession: EyeBoutique Shadow Shields

One thing I hate about smokey eyes is fallout! Especially with pigments or shimmery shadows. I've seen people go to all types of lengths like use tape or tissue to prevent fallout. That's way too much work (in my opinion). My solution is EyeBoutique Shadow Shields ($7.99 CAN) with you can get from Farleyco. I follow them on twitter and I see nothing but good comments about them.

Eliminate eye shadow fallout with hands-free, disposable, time-saving Shadow Shields. Apply these half moon shaped shields under the eye before applying eye makeup to catch any and all excess product that falls. When done, gently remove shield and say Hello… To Flawless Eye Makeup.

I love them because they curve to my eye shape plus they do exactly what they are suppose to: catch all excess shadow that falls out. Also the removal is easy, it did not pull my eye at all. Each package contains 14 shields.

*I used one for both eyes because I did not have a lot of fallout and the shield was not sticky.*

Application Tips:
Remove only top corners to apply. If more adhesion is needed, remove entire top strip
Application of shield doesn’t have to be directly on lash line- it can be applied under the bulge of the eye or wherever most comfortable.

When applying shield, allow backing to crease-it will form a small lip, helping to catch the fallout.