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Brian Bailey Cosmetics Review + FOTD

Canadian fashion designer, style maker and Project Runway Canada mentor Brian Bailey recently launched of his new cosmetic line Bailey Cosmetics. Bailey Cosmetics was designed to be simple and effective, offering the ‘five easy pieces’ kit to create a fresh, polished look in under five minutes. The products are composed of the purest grade minerals, are paraben-free and are offered in stylish, environmentally sensitive packages. Bailey Cosmetics also offers The Powder of Youth Kit; a bronzer powder that gives the skin a fresh, healthy looking glow and includes a luxurious goat hair Kabuki brush.

Here is what comes in the five easy pieces kit
(six shades including fair, medium, tan, golden, warmer & deep):
- Foundation Duo
- Eyeshadow Duo
- Lip Gloss
- Eyebrow Pencil
- Blush Duo Bonus: Cosmetic Bag

I was unable to attend the Brian Bailey Cosmetics launch in April but I was sent a kit to try out some of the items.

I used the eyeshadow duo in caramel & lipgloss. As you can tell by the FOTD the eyeshadow is very neutral. 

Perfect for an everyday or office eyes. The colors are matte.There is some fallout when I picked up the shadow but that is a given with matte shadows.

The lip gloss is light nude pinky nude. The consistency is great! Not sticky or thick. There is no smell.

The beauty tool kit brushes are amazing quality. Made from soft goat hair and synthetic hair to provide flawless application.

The kit comes with:
• Kabuki Powder Brush
• Kabuki Blush/Bronzer Brush
• Foundation Brush
• Eyeshadow Brush
• Lip/Eyeshadow Brush

Bailey Cosmetics is a superior makeup line that combines the best of modern cosmetic science with the expertise of makeup artistry and is available at The Shopping Channel.

I was sent this to review by a Canadian PR company for Brian Bailey cosmetics

Be Bold!

 Yup! You heard me ..Try something different :)

This is actually an old FOTD. I worked soooo hard on blending and I lost these pics in my in a long story short I dunno what colors I used. All I know is that there all minerals tho.

So my question to you is are you a neutral kinda of girl or do you go bold?

Purple Haze: Girls with Glasses Can be FAB too!

TRUE / FALSE if you wear glasses your eyes don't matter?


You can still wear rock any color you want and look FAB!
I don't wear glasses everyday..maybe every 2 weeks but I really wanted to share these pics :)

  • Royal HUE Shadestick
  • Smashbox Eyebrighter
  • MAC Violet Pigment
  • MAC Primal Eyeshadow
  • NYX Redbean Pie
  • MAC Amazon
  • LA COLORS white eyeliner
  • MAC Vanilla Pigmnt
  • Mascara
  • Liquid Eyeliner

So my girls out there who wear glasses..My question is do you glam up the eyes or NOT?

YES, I cut that B**CH!

Yes you heard me!
I hope my title caught your attention and didn't scare you away!

I cut the crease perfectly for the FIRST time.
I am so proud of my self..

What is cutting the crease you ask..?!?!?

It's when you draw in your crease with a dark eyeshadow. Dark meaning darker than your lid color shadow.

I have small eyes but alot of lid space, so cutting the crease allows me to balance my lids!

THIS IS NOT A LOOK FOR EVERYDAY ME.. sorry to yell but I am just saving myself from the rude comments.

I used a small pencil make up brush to do the trick.
I hope you like the pics!

Make up I used:
MAC Taupograpic Shadestick
MAC Melon Pigment
MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow
MAC Royal Flush pigment
MAC Naked lunch
Mac Dark Soul Pigment
Revlon Eyeliner
Cover Girl mascara

Why do I look so sad?!?! LOL

Let me know what you think below

Make up: Cat Eyes with eyeliner

Cat liner has become a staple in my life. I wear it 4 out of 7 days a week!
The look has been linked with the classic style of the 50s. But it actually started with the Egyptians.

Angelina is also the queen of Cat Eyeliner. Sooo fierce!

I used my smashbox gel liner and my mac 209..that's why the line is soo crisp :)