I ordered some E.L.F Studio stuff from the Makeup Mix Shop. I know alot of people are wondering why didn't I order from E.L.F's website??!?!
It was cheaper to get the free shipping from the Makeup Mix Shop ...

Everything was packaged carefully :)
I got:
  • E.L.F Studio Brush Care
  • Single "Amethyst"
  • Single "Sand Dollar"
  • Single "Pebble"
  • Single "Wild Wheat"
  • Studio "Matifying Powder"
I loveeee Amethyst. I will do a look with it soon :)

The Brush Case unzipped. It's really sleek..and can be wiped down if there is a mess on it.This is a picture of the Matifying Powder with no flash. It's really peachy so I have to try it out on my skin tone :|
If you want to know anything about these products let me know :)

Montagne Jeunesse "Crystallised Honey & Passion Flower Mask" REVIEW!

I want to meet one person who doesn't want radiant, smooth & sparkling skin!!

This summer I haven't been taking care of my skin, so I am glad that I had the opportunity to try Montagne Jeunesse "Crystallised Honey & Passion Flower"mask.

The mask in hot water

This stuff smells amazing! The whole time it was on my face I wanted to eat it!

It was easy to apply and I also liked how it didn't become super tight on my face after the 15 minutes I had it on!

The sugar cane crystals were very fine and didn't hurt when I was massaging it into my face.

I would purchase this not only because it smells so good but because my skin felt great after using it!

The mask once it was on for 15 minutes and water was added to it!
If you haven't noticed yet I have joined with myprettypinkbox.com to give MY reviews of the products from My Pretty Pink Box.

This is super cool because one of my goal jobs in life is to be a beauty writer :)

One on One with Jenn featuring Sofia!

Sofia is a 22 year old Medical Assistant by day and a Make up Junkie by night!!
Come and read her about her favorite make up brands and skincare.

Click her pic to go to her blog!

When did you become a make up junkie?
Sofia: I started becoming a makeup junkie around Sept of last year when I started watching makeup tuts on youtube...that started my addiction.

HAHA good old youtube! How did your collection grow and who did you start watching first on youtube?
Sofia: I went from a small caboodles train case to a vanity full of makeup!
well Id have to say aubrey [fafinetexx3] the first youtube tuts I saw were hers.

So what products do you find yourself into at the moment?
Sofia: I am really into blushes and lippies..no brand in particular

Seriously "no brand in particular" so if I gave you $500 and said you can ONLY use it at one store where would you go?
Sofia: OK I lied!!! lol!! I would either spend it on mac or nyx products..both very good quality makeup I love..

I knew I'd get a brand out of you! Ok what is one beauty tip you can't live without.
Sofia: prime everything...esp with my skin...I have to prime my face, lips and eyes..I don't know what I would do without primer.

Very true.speaking of skin. how do you keep your skin so radiant?
Sofia: I wash it daily using st Ives products and I don't use makeup on a daily basis..I basically let my skin breathe all week and just wear makeup on the weekends.

So what would be your weekend look?
Sofia: I don't have a weekend look in particular I just pick a shirt and then go from there..I'm that type of girl who tries to match her eye makeup with her outfit...weird... I know!

Not weird at all! Is there any particular celebrity who's style you idolize?
Sofia: mmmm?? I really love Kelly Clarkson..her style is very casual and I am exactly a casual type of girl..I don't like getting all dressed up..comfy is best for me.

She's pretty laid back..jeans t-shirt kinda girl. Do you have any tips for the ladies who are just getting into makeup and fashion?
Sofia: spend wisely..when I first started on makeup..I just bought things to "collect" and not things I knew I was going to use..now I have a bunch of makeup I don't use, just wasted money..so that would be my #1 advice "spend wisely".

Great advice. Lastly what does the hubby think about the make up addiction?
Sofia: omg don't get me started on that he thinks I'm crazy, yet he still supports my addiction..he says it's because he loves me..he's a sweetheart.

Thanks Sofia!

What is your favorite RED lipstick?

One iconic beauty staple is red lipstick. Why you ask? Because it's works with every skintone..

Well as long as you know when to warm up a red or cool it down your fine.

I hardly wear lipsticks..It takes alot to get use to!
BUT I am slowly getting into it :)
Darker skintones look great in more BLUE based RED lipsticks..
I didn't use lipstick in this picture..lol I know I cheated I used:
Revlon colorstay lipliner in VIXEN & some clear gloss.
My favorite lipstick is So Scarlet from the Cult of Cherry launch!
So what is your favorite lipstick??

Dressing like Rihanna using $1.00 items!!!

Yup my inspiration was the lovely Rihanna. I think she's edgy, beautiful and a trend setter!

90% of the time she can be found dressed in black. I also saw a few recent pictures with her in jumpers!

So I decided to put the 2 together :)

I did a video on this but I never told you guys how much I got the items for BE prepared to freak out...

Jumper from Billibong $1.00 yes you heard me!!
$1.00!! from winners

Belt $1.00 from stitches on Orfus roadBangle and ring $1.00 each from H&M
The ring is "SAZZY" I love it!
Earrings are $1.00 from Le Chateau on Ofrus road
Smaller chain necklace/headband is $1.00 from H&M

The big one is the most expensive item at $14.90 from H&M

I'm sorry if I gave you guys heart attacks. Theses are all REAL prices from SALE sections in all of these stores.

Trust me I'm the best person to go shopping with because some how I find the deals!

Plus one of my mottos is DON'T buy it unless it's on SALE..lol

LOL I'm joking well no I'm not..really.

Let me know what you think below about my outfit and my "affordable" ways lol

Perfectly POLISHED smokey EYES!

This is hands down the best smokey eyes I've done it in my LIFE! IT WAS SOOO POLISHED!!

I used my Too Faced Box:
Close up of the look:

I used MAC Matte Gel as a primer
MUF HD Foundation in 178
Mac NW45 concealer

Smashbox creamliner as a base
Black,Brown and Gold from two faced box

mixed colors from the box as well.

I hope you guys like the look :)

One on One with Jenn featuring Rai

Rai is a 20 year old girl who loves make-up and fashion. Come and read about everything from her tips for perfect skin to advice for fashion/beauty newbies!Click her picture to check out her blog

When did you start to become a make-up junkie?
Rai: In the last 3 years! Watching YouTube made it worse.

Haha youtube got me too! What brands are you“addicted” to at the moment?

Rai: I'm loving NARS & MAC and NYX right now!

What are some of your basic skin care tips in general that you think are really important?
You have to share because I swear you have perfect skin!!

Rai: Drinking plenty of water, washing my pillowcases regularly, washing my face twice a day, keeping my hands OFF my faces, & cleaning my brushes every week.

Changing pillowcases is sooo important! What is your everyday make up look?
Rai: If I'm in a rush, lately it's a neutral eye, neutral lip, and a bronzed face.

Perfect combo. I see several celebrities rocking tha
t look daily... Speaking of celebrities.. who is your style idol?
Rai: Rihanna to the fullest! And Kim Kardashian!

Those girls are my favs as well. They're always fresh and inventive! So do you have your own everyday style? Like are you a dresses kinda girl or jeans?
Rai: For an everyday look I'm jeans girl. I'll rock a dress like when I'm on a date or going out
somewhere.My style essentials are: Over sized bag & earrings. I have to have a big bag!! A doctor bag as my boyfriend calls it. lol.

Hahah. Doctor bag that's too cute. Where do you shop?
Rai: Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Target! Hell even Wal-Mart if I saw a cute top. lol

LOL.. well you gotta save money somehow. Just to finish up do you have any advice/tips for the ladies who are just getting into make up and fashion?
Rai: For makeup: Use it, don't abuse it! lol Enhance your favorite features and wear what looks best on you.

For style: Be your own trendsetter!

Thanks Rai!!!