Fashion Deal of the week: $2.00 ribbed tanks at Old Navy

$2.00 Tanks on Saturday, June 12.

I love tanks! You can wear them with anything & everything. I know that the sale is for Canada & US only.

PLEASE get there early! If not you will be out of luck :(


  1. Plus $2 flip flops too, same day :) Their twitter said so. Have fun shopping

  2. Good deal and i actually love the color!

  3. I missed out on their $1 flip flops. Will try to wake up early and go. Lol

  4. Ah, I love Old Navy tanks and flip flops.
    I won't be going do to my lack of a near by Old Navy.


  5. That's definitely an awesome deal since I wear tank tops all the time. Thanks for the tip! :)

  6. $2?! soo cheap what an awesome deal! and yeah those twilight mastercards are def going to be a hit haha


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