3 Tips for Stress-Free Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Just like 90% of the population, I am so unprepared for Christmas. On my plate- first time mom, business owner, wife. Can I add WORK again?!? I totally have not decorated at all. 
I'm low-key nervous to do so with Ava lol..

I'm still going to try to keep things festive. 
Here are three tips from a procrastinator (me) to get through the holidays. 

The malls are packed. Honestly I went in H&M to buy a gift for cousin and ended up standing in line for over 30 minutes. It was a ridiculous. Well... I’m kinda lying I made my husband stand in line while I walked in and out of line looking at cute items... but you get the point! A lot of drug stores like Shopper's plus gas stations actually sell gift cards! Not the typical gift cards that you’re used to seeing like restaurants and such- they actually have gift cards for department stores, electronic stores and even online places like Netflix and iTunes. To make it festive- I found these super cute gift card holders. Just pop it in and your ready to go! 

Honestly one of the quickest things you can do is grab one of the most festive symbols of the holiday. A poinsettia! I’ve vowed never to get a poinsettia  again after I killed one two years ago… After people told me a poinsettias good never die. This year, I decided why not switch it up. I was actually told by lovely lady to make sure that it is always hydrated (moist soil is key) and put in a warm area. They usually like to be near windows. 

Don't you get tired of the same ole same ole? Instead of shopping new- hop over to a buy-and-sell marketplaces or a resell store. It's the best place to find vintage or new or hardly used items! So every year or every other year you can have a new look. Don't forget to resell or donate the items you used a year ago so you don't have any clutter.

I know that you have some tips!
Please leave them below.


  1. All great tips!! CVS is like 2 minutes from my house. I walk there all the time and they have great gifts. I also love shopping online.

  2. These are 3 great tips! I like to shop online for items that aren't clothes. Just have to be mindful of planning ahead so it arrives in time for Christmas! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Malls are the last place you’ll find me during the holiday season. Thankful for Amazon and same day shipping 😂 There are some great gifts at HomeSense too!

  4. Online shopping is really convenient now, without having to go to a crowded mall


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