Self Employed/Entrepreneur Mom: Working from Home with a Baby

Deciding go back to work and not take a full mat leave was a hard decision. I started working "again" when Ava Rose was four months. FYI- I took two months off to prep. Let me reiterate that this is one of the hardest things that I have done BECAUSE I also decided to go to school part-time as well. Looking back on it- it was extremely WILD but I had to do it. 

Why did I go back? 
Living on one income can be tricky because you honestly have to cut back on a lot and I'm spoiled. Well I'm used to doing what I want/when I want. Having to look into my resources to do things I wanted/ having to possibly not do it. NOPE. Not the life for me.

My support system: My family/mostly my mom dedicated a good amount of time a week to come and watch Ava while I caught up on sleep/school work/emails. My brother would come and watch the baby during my classes. This is in addition to help from my husband/dad of course. 

FYI: I did not come back on a full load work. I knew that would not be sufficient to have enough time with my baby/family so I decided to cut my hours. Just enough that it would decent enough for me to work and look after baby- plus get a decent check to buy what I want, contribute to living or buying groceries etc. etc. Boundaries are super hard if you are a people pleaser. I always want to make sure I get the work done. But with the baby- I’m not gonna push myself to do something that is out of my scope. It wouldn’t be healthy for me nor would it be healthy on my relationship with the baby or client. 

Every day is not a walk in the park... 
17 months later. I can say it was hard but worth it. So far I haven't missed a milestone but I do wish I could get more breaks. Hopefully, I'm making sense and not sounding selfish. Since she will be 18 months next month- she will be going to school (daycare) part-time and I will finish hopefully* the second part of my course at U of T.

For anyone interested in going in the Self Employed/Entrepreneur route- First thing to know is go in there with your head straight. Even if you don’t make your goal or things go left- remember that it’s not your fault and you tried your best. 



  1. Your mom is awesome! It makes such a big difference when you have a great support system behind you.

  2. I was on maternity leave for 3 months and I can attest to moms being a rock and helping so we could get some rest/catch up to emails, etc. All blessings to you and your little one.

  3. I can imagine how hard it is being a mother and working at the dame time. For you mothers out there doing it, I wish you all the best in your journey.

  4. As a blogger I can relate to this! I try to get in a couple hours at least of work a day, and it's tricky with these little ones. But so glad to be here to not miss out!


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