Three tips for your baby when using baby pouch foods

I recently wrote about my thoughts on baby led wending and it was suggested that I also write about baby food as well. We actually still give them to Ava as a "snack' after her naps. It's quick- it fills her up. Plus she just eats them on her own (very little supervision needed)!

Just like everything out there you need to pay attention and follow safety/handling procedures when giving them to your little
one. This will make sure that your baby does not get sick.

Just like a lot of the Canadian mom blog posts I do- these things are common knowledge but it's always good to have a refresher.

Play attention to expiry dates. I always try to give my daughter "squeeze tubes" with at least six months expiry date on them. Last thing you want is your children getting sick over a small oversight like an expiry date.

If your child doesn't want to finish the pouch- Put it in the fridge immediately! Why? because the seal has broken. And bacteria could get in it. I don't need to go into detail about that! I always put our open portions in the fridge and she eats them between 24 hours .

Playing off of number two if you’re travelling for the day and you don’t have a fridge. You have two options -get your little one to eat much as they can and throw it out or invest in an insulated bag with icepack to keep it cool until you get home. 

Always inspect the pouch before you gibe them to your child. A while back a pouch got punctured when transporting our groceries and I'm glad I inspected it before I gave it to her. Who knows what kind of bacteria was growing in the the few days it was on the shelf.


If you have a tip please leave it below!

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  1. My husband and I and the kids travel so much and we have invested in an insulated bag for the kids. I learned the hard way though. thanks for the tips.


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