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Win: LG G3 Smartphone (Canadian)

I'm to going to help you "Beat the January Blues" with an amazing giveaway 
sponsored by LG Canada!

Review: LG G3 Smartphone

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is testing out new products. I'm even more ecstatic when the new product is tech related. In early December, I was invited to Her Majesty Pleasure for a special experience with LG Canada. They were looking for an exclusive group ladies and picked me plus a few other others to become official LG G3 Beauty bloggers. 

What are top things that you look for in a phone?

Review: HP Slate 7 8GB Tablet

What do you look for when buying a tablet?

I look for five key things:
  • Something that is not bulky
  • Has a quick processor
  • Visually attractive
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
I need something that I can bring with me on the go. I travel a lot! 
Tell me tell you, dragging around a 17 inch laptop is not feasible.

I have the opportunity to test out the HP Slate 7 tablet ($149.99 CAN) and I'm pretty impressed!

Sleek, 7-inch diagonal touchscreen tablet that weighs just 13 ounces, making it an ideal affordable device stylish people on-the-go. Stay on top of your busy schedule with onboard apps and capture photos and videos to share with the video webcam on the front and 3 MP camera on the back. The Slate 7 is also the industry’s first tablet to feature Beats Audio™ for the best-sounding richest audio available. 

HP: The Original You Event

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I'm a techy!
I was really blessed to get my own camera and computer at five.
That's what ignited my love for gadgets!

I was so happy, when I was given the opportunity to attend “The Original You” event sponsored by HP Canada. HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by HP Canada.

Before we attended the event, we all submitted a photo which we felt passionate about. They turned it into a really cool wall of photos. Here is my photo of sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica! Gorgeous isn't it. With a view to die for! I overheard a few people asking if it was a post card.

Fight Bacteria with GoSwipe

I'm obsessed with my phone, I bring it everywhere! I swear it's like a third limb to me. 
If I forget it, I'm feel completely empty.. Haha!

You would never believe how many germs are currently your phone. I once read an article stating that your phone as the same amount of germs as a toilet seat.

Beauty Blogger Basics: Camera + Quick Editing

In my blogger career I have used three cameras with prices ranging from $199 to $900. I'm not a professional photographer but I'm blessed with a natural eye because I'm a videographer. 
I spent three years in college earning my diploma for it.

So when I'm asked what camera to purchase I think I have some background to make a good choice. Here are some insights that may help you:
Cameras that I own.