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FOTD: I got the Blues using Fusion of Color

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fusion of Color Cosmetics mineral powder is made of natural minerals with natural healing properties that beautify and protect your skin. 

One thing to know about me is I love matte shadows. I prefer that finish over shimmer or satin! Fusion of Color has a matte eyeshadow section which has 24 different eyeshadows. 

The colors I chose were:
Royal Blue

The look:

Blues look amazing on brown eyed girls! Plus it gives that perfect pop of color.

Fusion of Color mineral powders has Carnauba Wax. So the shadows felt very smooth when applied. Also they weren't ashy on my skintone which is a huge thumbs up!

Check out: Fusion of Color

These samples where provided to me by Fusion of Color.


  1. Those shades do look awesome on you!

  2. So pretty! You need to wear more colors. lol

  3. Thank you so much for the review, your eyes are beautiful (so are you!!)

    Fusion of Color Cosmetics

  4. Love the collection but the blue is really nice!

  5. Nice, matte is what I prefer too! Finding matte minerals is hard. THey look great on you.

  6. ohh loving the blue on you! will have to check out this line!

  7. U definitely rockin that color girl!!

  8. Very pretty! :) Lovin' that color on you super! :D

  9. that blue looks great on you...branch out into color girl!

  10. i absolutely love blue e/s, you nailed this chick!!

  11. I'm loving it!!! Love the colors. Gorgeous pic! And Happy Birthday!!!! Have an amazing day!

  12. <Oh wow this look so super on you, so perfect and pretty ;) Have a nice day


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