Fashion Tuesdays 2010 Trend - Floral Print

If you step into H&M or F21 right now prepare to be bombarded with floral patterns. Floral patterns began to show up in late Spring of 2009 but it's a trend that is here to stay!

Before 2009 I wouldn't be caught dead in floral.. But now it's a must have in my closet..WHY?

It's hip, girlie and super cute!

This dress I got on sale from F21 for 8.00!!


This week's picks are from H&M.
Chick on the left is killing me with the floral over kill but you get the idea! LOL

My questions for you are:
Do you like Floral print?
If no, Why not?
If yes, Where did you buy yours? 

New Product @ E.L.F.. has anyone tried Lip Lock Pencil?

It has some serious claims:

"Keep you lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner from feathering, traveling or budging with the smooth glide Lip Lock Pencil. Your lip color stays locked in place for continuous wear. The colorless formula is perfect for any skin tone and fills in fine lines around the lip"

Currently it has no reviews 

My questions are :
Is it really clear?
It is wax? LOL
Does it have a scent?
How big is it?
Is it worth it?

Fashion Tuesdays: 2010 Trend- Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend Blazers are not just for your boyfriend anymore! It's the easiest way to jazz up an outfit.

I got my Boyfriend Blazer for $7.00 at a store in U.S.A called Papaya!

Not sure what to look for when purchasing a Boyfriend Blazer here are a few tips:

  1. Avoid Football shoulder pads! Get blazers with mini shoulder pads or none at all.
  2. Don't be afraid to modify! Add brooches, roll up the sleeves or do up buttons.
  3. Try not to buy a blazer that is not too long or tight! 

Here is a pick from Forever21:

Single Button Suit Blazer

Refined, stylish single-button jacket with a three-pocket design and back slit. A classic look, a timeless essential.

My questions for you are:
Do you like Boyfriend Blazers?
Do you have one?
Where did you buy yours?

I'm Back from Jamaica + Rant + New year Resolutions

I'm kinda sad to be back in Canada but life goes on. Let me explain.. I love being in the presence of family(even if they drive me insane). I am quite fortunate that both my mother and father family lives in the area where I stayed. All and all it was super fun going to parties, unlimited drinks, going to the beaches, eating yummy food, visiting family and meeting new people BUT that can't be my life (for an extended period of time.)

Canada is my home and I've been living this lifestyle for almost 25 years now.. (No flying roaches, overly begging people & bugs that eat you alive!!)

Enough ranting! How have you all been. I've missed like over 500+ blog posts from you guys. I'm slowly catching up! I also owe 2 people packages. I was soo busy getting ready for vacation that I forgot to send before I left!

Back to the vacation stuff. Do you guys wanna see some pictures from it? I took some lovely scenery ones!

This is personal but I REALLY wanna share my 2010 Resolutions!

  1. Read a book EVERY MONTH. (please send your suggestions along)
  2. Lose 9 more pounds. ( I did well in Nov & Dec losing 10 pounds, so why not keep it up)
  3. Take better cake of myself. ( more mani & pedi's out and at home :) ...stuff like that)
  4. Drive longer distances (Hopefully I'll be more confident to drive to Brampton)
  5. Reconnect with some friends & new family members.
Thanks for reading :)

I am still looking for bloggers for interviews!

These interviews are solely for the use on my blog.  It's just a cute little past time to keep my interview skills fresh.

For reference on the questions asked check out:

WDF?!?!? Girlllll

Those two words were the first thing out of my mouth when I seen this pic!

Couldn't someone tell her that her foundation was off...

Probably NOT..shit it's Beyonce..

LOL.. No But it's hard.. To tell someone and NOT hurt there feelings..

A good friend of mine always wears a shade that is 3 shades too light for her BUT I honestly don't have the heart to tell her its off. Why you ask??

Because she is always so confident in it!

So my question for you is would you tell a friend if her foundation was off?

Fab Face of the Day- Kim Kardashian

I love every single Make up look she does! It's always fresh and current! Because of her I wear mascara on my bottom lashes.

I especially love how she alternates between black and white eyeliner.

What do you like about Kim K's Make up looks.

** I'm on vacation until January 18..This is a scheduled post**