L'Oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche Swatches

Is it me or have you seen a lot of brands coming out with new lip products within the past 6 months! L'oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche was one of my favourite products of 2012!

I was asked on twitter if I could swatch some of the other colours.
Let me know which one is your favourite!
Suggested retail for each lipstick is around $12.99. Look out for my Color Riche Caresse Shine Stain Lip Colors swatches later this month.

Buy it now:

Redken Smooth Lock + Giveaway!

Right now the cold weather in Canada is taking a toll on me. As a Beauty Blogger, thankfully I have the tools to nurse my skin & hair back to health (I'll share some other products with you in another post). Right now, my issue is how dry my hair is. I'm happy that I had the opportunity to try out the new smooth lock line from Redken.

NEW Smooth Lock, Redken’s latest haircare innovation, includes an exclusive semi-permanent salon service that seals in frizz-free manageability and smoothness that last up to 10 shampoos! At home, heat-activated formulas deeply nourish and protect to extend the service results by 3 shampoos**! Unfortunately Smooth Lock is not recommended for bleached or chemically relaxed hair.
What is your current situation?
Redken can help!
Do you need volume? Is your hair fine? Or bleached?

Redken is giving one lucky Spiced Beauty Reader the opportunity to cure 
their hair woes this Winter!
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My Bio Sculpture Gel Nails Experience

I try my best to be up on the latest nail art and innovations.
On December 1, I had the opportunity to try out Bio Sculpture Gel Nails.
Bio Sculpture Gel is a one component nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. Applied onto a prepared nail our product cures under a UVA light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy finish.
Whenever it gets cold, my nails start to chip. I will admit, I do not take enough care as I should to prevent breakage. As you can see here my nails are REALLY uneven. Before my appointment, I cut my nails down to a manageable length.

I decided to get sculpted gel extensions added to my nails and I loved the outcome.
I've never had any type of process done to my nails before but it was safe!
No dust or horrible smelling chemicals needed.

Does that look sooo natural!
My favourite part about the process was how there were no drills! That was my biggest fear.. 
I didn't want my nails to be filed down so thin that they would lose their strength. 
It's hard to explain but people who have had acrylics done know exactly what I'm talking about.

After the extensions were applied, we started the colour process. Non-chip Nail Colour Gel was applied to each nail. The colours come in pot as seen above. I was surprised to know that they have OVER 100 colours to choose from!

Finished Outcome!
I'm all about the crazy nails and so was my nail tech. Sooo we had a little fun!

I got a lot of compliments on my crazy marble nail. Can you believe she did it free hand!
No water or decals. That's talent!

I loved the shine and durability of the nails. I work with my hands a lot and things which would usually break a nail.. didn't! A huge selling point for me would be how natural looking the extensions were. She had a mix that looked like my natural nail colour.

My only con would be the length that I got. I choose the length- so I'm not blaming anyone for what happened to some of the nails. Just like with my natural nails when they get to long they start to break at the sides. That happened to three of nails because my natural nails grow like weeds! Nobodies fault but myself. I totally tried to push the boundries. Next time, I'll stick to a comfortable length.

I should also add that they sell the matching nail polish for any colour you get! So once your gel colour starts to grow out add your "same"colour polish over it and it will look just like new!

Interested in getting Bio Sculpture nails? Contact Bio Sculpture Customer Service at: 1-877-424-6435 ext 80 for a salon anywhere in Canada which does it.

Top 10 Best Products of 2012

This has been a GREAT year for new collections!
As a Canadian Beauty Blogger, I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to try out
  these products and share them with you.

Let's get started!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Deep 

Deep brown girls rejoice! There was an amazing BB cream made for us this year!
I can never express how excited I was to finally be apart of this movement.

There is a great Canadian product which I actually finished within a month.
No sharpener needed!

Perfect color for EVERY skin tone!
These are a life saver!
Probably one of the best nail strips I've tried.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams
Pigmented, long lasting, waterproof & creamy!
Get every color if you can!

If you haven't tried Mary Kay, you're missing out!
It's such a great line that has something for everyone.
I'm always amazed how pigmented and silky their shadows are.

I've said this once and I'll say it again: This is liquid gold!
One the best highlighters I own!

Givenchy: Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara
This an amazing high-end mascara which does everything it claims.
Intense volume, strong curl, infinite length, and complete lash care.

Another waterproof gem!
I love these because they are small enough to fit in my purse. 

Another great collection by OPI!
Why is it my favourite? Just check out the swatches!

There were so many other products that deserve attention but these were my favourites.

Let me know if you you tried any of these products before!

Save your lips with Polysporin’s Visible Lip Health- Day & Night

New Years Eve is a few days away!
Are you ready? 

I know that not everyone is going to dive in for that midnight kiss- some people may just be going out with a group of friends. Either way your lips should be ready for any close up.

Whether it's with another pair of lips or a camera!

Are you looking for something to improve lip heath in a short amount of time?
Check out Polysporin’s Visible Lip Health- Day & Night products!
Both Products:
  • Clinically shown to restore visibly healthier lips in 3 Days+
  • The emollient and vitamin enriched formula replenishes essential lipids, and locks in moisture
  • Reduces the signs and symptoms of dryness, such as scaling and chapping
Back to kissing- Did you know..?
Seventy-seven per cent of Canadians feel an emotional impact if they have chapped lips.

I know when my lips are chapped, I feel really self conscious. I wonder if anyone noticed or how long it was chapped for.

More Chapped lips stats:
Women are more likely than men to feel uncomfortable (75% vs. 63%), embarrassed (15% vs. 10%), and frustrated (13% vs. 9%). Similarly, Canadians between the ages of 18 and 44 are more likely to feel embarrassed than those over the age of 45 (18% vs. 8%). In each case (excluded the feeling of helplessness), those who have avoided kissing due to chapped lips and those who would kiss more if they had softer or healthier lips are more likely than others to have felt a negative emotional impact.

So far I've been wearing both of these Polysporin’s Visible Lip Health products and loving it. Fifteen Centimeters of snow has landed in Ontario last night. With the extra cold, I know that my lips will be prone to chapping. The number one way to avoid flaky lips is to hydrate them! My favourite thing about the daytime formula is how quickly it absorbs moisture into my lips.

Will you be going in for that midnight kiss?

Happy Holidays + My Hourglass Cosmetics Look

Happy Holiday everyone!
I hope that your days are filled with happiness and hopefully you got everything that you wanted!
My Christmas look was very simple! The emphasis was on my eyes & lips. 
Products used:
Calligraphy Liquid Eye Liner C$37.00
Color:  Ebony Black
A moisturizing water- and smudge-proof felt-tip liquid liner that contours and lines the eyes with precision.

Superficial Lash C$35.00
Color:  Carbon - rich black 
A lengthening, volumizing mascara.

Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick C$35.00
Color:  Raven-Vibrant Orange Red  
A lustrous, cream formula lipstick that hydrates and softens lips.

Happy Holidays!

Make Up For Ever All Eyes On You Set + Holiday Look

One of my top five favourite beauty brands has to be Make Up For Ever. They have something for EVERY skin tone. Plus their products are vibrant and always pigmented. I was lucky to get my hands on a Limited Edition All Eyes On You Set.

 A limited-edition set of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s essential products to transform your look from soft shimmer to dramatic glamour.
The set comes with:
  • HD High Definition Powder
  • Aqua Cream in 16 Pink Beige (pinky beige shimmer)
  • Aqua Eyes in Mat Black 0L (black)
  • Aqua Eyes in Dark Grey 21L (dark metallic grey) 
  • Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara
I had a holiday work at lunch and I had no idea what look to do. I decided to try out their directions Soft Shimmer Look! It's the perfect option for someone like me who doesn't a lot of wear makeup to work.

The Look:

  • Apply Aqua Cream #16 across the eyelid from the inner to the outer corner.
  • Using Aqua Eyes #21L, line the upper lash line and smudge to soften.
  • Apply Smoky Lash mascara to the top lashes in a zigzag motion.
  • Finish with HD Microfinish Powder.
I did almost everything above but I added a few modifications. Just to define my eye a bit more I used Aqua Eyes in Mat Black 0L (black) to line my top and bottom lid. I then applied Aqua Cream #16 on my lips and added a clear gloss over it. I finished of the look with the Make Up For Ever HD foundation in 178.

I'll be 100% honest and tell you that I never wear pink eye shadows. I don't like how it looks on my skin tone but Aqua Cream #16 looked great on me. It kinda reminded me of a rose gold more than a pinky beige shimmer.

This set is sold at Sephora and is originally $65 but now it's currently on sale for $50!