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New Spiced Beauty Contributor: Alicia

Currently, my blog is growing rapidly. To keep up with the demand, I decided to look for contributors. Alicia is no stranger to the blog. In June 2012, she did one of my first guest posts on the Maybelline Colour tattoos. The post received a lot of attention and I had to approach her to contribute more. It's good to share products which work for various skin tones so I'm happy to have Alicia on board. I thought it would be good for you all to get to know her- check out what she has to say about beauty!

Why did you want to contribute to Spiced Beauty?  
I've been following Jenn on twitter for a long time, as long as I have been reading Spiced Beauty. It was great to be able to converse with a beauty blogger who was in my country. I find Canada doesn't have as many beauty bloggers as the USA or the UK and I like to research products before I buy them and see personal opinions. I wanted to be able to help other beauty nuts like myself to learn what products are in their area. Having the opportunity to contribute to Spiced Beauty was a no brainer who doesn't want to contribute to a blog that they read and write about products they would love to share.

Favourite Canadian Beauty Brand? 
Bite Beauty for highend and Annabelle for drugstore

Liquid, pencil or gel eye liners? 
Liquid liner, kohl for waterline

Tip to get the perfect eyeliner? 
Eyeliner is a tricky one. I find for me the trick is to not be rushed, if I am rushed I will mess it up. So my tip would be dont worry if you mess up just grab a pointed Q-Tip dip it in your foundation (or whatever base you used) and clean up the mistake.

Lipsticks or Gloss? 

My ideal mascara is ...
A mixture of mascaras, I like layering Diorshow mascara and L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes, I love a clumpy spider lash look - personal preference.

My favourite make up remover ...
Andalou Naturals Revitalizing Lash and Lid Make-Up Remover for eyes and Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Bath Bar for the rest of my make up.

My skin care routine ... 
My routine is probably complex to some and basic to others. It is what works best for my skin at the moment as I have combination skin that can get dehydrated and oily very easily. I wash my face with the products above, once my skin is clean I us the Andalou Naturals Blossom & Leaf Toning Refresher and then move on to my Indeed Labs Hydraluron as my face serum and Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes as my eye serum. After that I use Andalou Naturals Hyaluronic DMAE Lift & Firm Cream and my Nuxe Prodigieux Eye Contour cream. I then spray my face with Etival Ener-C Mist.

My nighttime routine is the same except I us rosehip oil as my night moisturizer and if need be I will use my La Roche-Posay Efficlar Duo. Once a week I use my Clairisonic in the shower with The Alba Botanica Nautiral Hawaiian facial cleanser. Twice a week I also do a mask it will either be the Nuxe Clarifying Cream-Mask with Rose Petals, the Andalou Naturals Kombucha Enzyme Exfoliating Peel or the Glam Glow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment.

Curly or straight hair?  
Wavy hair, like cocker spaniel ears. its flat on top and very wavy and big on the sides.

How many lip products do you have in your purse/makeup bag? 
At this very second I have 3 lip balms an hourglass liquid lipstick, a ysl lipstick and a rimmel lipstick and an annabelle lip liner so 7.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche Swatches

Is it me or have you seen a lot of brands coming out with new lip products within the past 6 months! L'oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche was one of my favourite products of 2012!

I was asked on twitter if I could swatch some of the other colours.
Let me know which one is your favourite!
Suggested retail for each lipstick is around $12.99. Look out for my Color Riche Caresse Shine Stain Lip Colors swatches later this month.

Buy it now:

Chatelaine: 100 Best Beauty Buys

As a blogger, I know exactly what goes into testing a product. 
It can take weeks or months to test/review a item, especially if you are doing it alone. 

Thankfully the wonderful experts at Chatelaine have narrowed down their 100 best beauty buys.
After hours of testing hundreds of samples, the Chatelaine team of experts, including Beauty and Fashion Editor Catherine Franklin, narrowed it down: only the best of the best make it into the annual Beauty 100. From eco-chic, nicely priced and splurge-worthy makeup to the best sunscreens, anti-aging products and intensive hair repair, the Beauty 100 guide does the legwork for Canadian women, showing them how to get the most out of their beauty budget and choose the products that are just right for them.
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to their 100 Best Beauty Buys event 
and check out some of their picks up close and personal.

It was awesome to see some of my favorite brands that I've tried and used on the list. 
I even seen some products which I'm now itching to get my hands on.

Thankfully, Chatelaine has provided me with some of the 100 Best Beauty Buys to try out. 
I didn't get to photograph them all but check out some new products I'm excited to try.
*All commentary on the items are from Chatelaine*

Eco Chic
Physician Formula
Shimmer Strips Shadow
& Liner in Nude Eyes, $16

Big & Bold
Benefit They're Real!

Makeup remover
Almay Moisturizing
Eye Makeup remover Pads, $8

Nail Polish
Nice Price
Joe Fresh Nail polish in
Bumble Berry, $4

Best Concealers
Easy Touch ups
Stila Brighten Correct
Concealer, $24

The issue is on newsstands now. 
Be sure to check it out.

Is there anything here that you want me to review?

New L'Oreal Foundations for Women of Color

As a women of color blogger, I think it's my duty to share products that are universal. Both foundation have shades ranging from fair to dark. In this post I am going to focus on the deeper tones.

I feel like a kid in a candy store talking about these foundations. Mostly because I know that they will work for some of my readers. If it won't work for you, I know its a brand that you can suggest to your friends or client if your an MUA.

The product on the left is the L'oreal Paris Magic Beautifier BB cream in Deep. Try saying that five times fast, it's a mouth full. If you're like me and you don't wear foundation daily, this is perfect for you. This formula is much different than your traditional BB cream because it comes out white and then adjusts to your skin tone. There are a lot of products which  say they do this but they are usually not suitable for dark/deeper tones.

Another factor which makes this product unique is the "luminating" particles in this BB cream.
I currently don't have a product like this in my make up stash.
L'oreal Paris Magic Beautifier BB cream comes in Fair - Light - Medium - Deep

L'oreal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Foundation 
The words healthy & foundation are usually not words that see you on foundations bottles.
Apparently this foundation has 3 powerful ingredients (40% water, antioxidants, vitamin C & E ) that improve your skin the more you wear it. I will tell you that I have not been wearing this foundation enough to see "changes" but I can give you information on coverage.

The foundation is light and buildable.  For reference this shade is Nut Brown/ Cocoa.

I just came back from a week in the Dominican Republic and I am probably a shade darker.
 Currently this foundation is exactly what I need during the summer.

This foundation comes in 15 shades ranging from light to deep.

What is your favorite spring/summer lip color?

I'm so excited to break out my spring/summer colors!
Last year I fell in love with MAC Romancin'. Perfect blue based lipstick for my skin tone.
What colors/shades have you been wearing lately?

Camille McDonald Talks Beauty & Fashion at ANTMLiveCanada

Camille McDonald competed in America's Next Top Model ALL STARS (cycle 12). Her vibrant personality and confidence made her my favorite contestant on ANTM. Being that we are both born to Jamaican parents, I have always identified with her passion.  At America's Next Top Model Live Canada, I asked Camille to share details on her favorite beauty products and signature style!

Photo credit: mendesphotography

SB:What is your favorite must have product?
CM: There is a company called Revive sold at Neiman Marcus. Naomi Campbell swears by it! I think she uses it on her tights to prevent cellulite. The Revive face wash, toner and moisturizer are amazing!

SB: What are two beauty products can you not live without?
CM: The YSL liner is amazing. The navy blue is hard to find but it's great. Also there is a blush called Taj Mahal from NARS. It has a little bit of shimmer in it and it's orange, really great for woman of color. Highly pigmented so you use a very little of it.

SB:What is your signature style?
CM: My signature style is definitely sexy. A little bit of high fashion mixed with Caribbean cool.

I loved talking to Camile! She was sweet and definitely knew her beauty products. I wish her all the luck in the future. 

Lisa D'Amato Talks Beauty & Fashion at ANTM LiveCanada

Lisa D'Amato was the winner of America's Next Top Model ALL STARS. Her wild personality and amazing photos made her one the most "memorable" contestants on ANTM. At America's Next Top Model Live Canada, I asked Lisa to share details on her favorite beauty products and signature style!

Photo credit: mendesphotography
SB: What are you must have beauty products?
LMD: My must have beauty products are the things I have in my purse at all times. Pressed powder because I live in California and of course it gets really hot outside. Of course I love lip gloss and  lip stain. Also lotion because you want to keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized. At the end of the day that's really important.

SB: What is your signature style?
LMD: I would say my signature style is a bit of a eclectic mix because I live in Hollywood, California. It's Lady Gaga, meets Mickey Avalon and Katy Perry. I always like to challenge myself with fashion. At the end of the day I'm daring and I know I can pull something off! Other people will then hopefully be inspired to take bigger chances.

SB: What do you love about Toronto?
LMD: Oh my god! What I love about T dot? It's the people, the spirit and the energy! It's amazing! I love it. I've been welcomed with such warmth.

I loved taking to Lisa on the pink carpet. She was fun and really friendly! Look out with my interview with Camille Mc Donald coming out later this week.

Red Cherry Lashes

I'm in love with this picture..
I wish these were my real lashes!

How to fix a water damaged eyeshadow!

Everyone has that one eyeshadow which looks so much better when its wet. Mine was a single eyeshadow from NYX.

After using it wet for a few months I realized that I didn't like the look of the shadow. I also noticed that it wasn't as pigmented anymore.

I had two options: scrape of the top (risk damaging it) or find a non evasive way to get off the of layer.

After racking my mind for a while I found some masking tape. Check out the results in the video below!

New Products at!

Its been almost two years since I've tried anything from I recently checked them out and I was blown away with all the new products! Now they have a Beauty of All Ages modeling contest and a 24 K Gold Collection. 

As I blogger I rely on reviews before I buy. Here are some products that I'd love to try! 
Comment below if you have tried any of these products. 

e.l.f. Essential Glitter Eyeshadow
Flirt $2.00
e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color
Rich Red $3.00
e.l.f. Studio Lotion Wipes
Vanilla & Coconut  $3.00
e.l.f. Studio Shimmer Sheets
Bronze $3.00
e.l.f. Studio Glossy Gloss
Funky Fuchsia $3.00


*This is a sponsored post.

Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System

I've always been self-conscious about the color of my teeth. I drink a lot of tea... up to three cups a day. I'm always looking for a product that will whiten them without sensitivity or pain.

Now that I'm going to start to do more FOTD's, smiling with whiter teeth would be a definite plus. I've heard a lot of good things about Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System, so I decided to give it a try.

Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Kit. In as little as five minutes, right at home, you can begin to take advantage of the same process dentists use (oxygenating action) to gently but effectively lift away stains. Now with the bleaching power of Plus White, whitening will begin to work with the first application and you will see whiter brighter teeth within days!

Each kit comes with:
  • Plus White Tartar Control Pre-Whitener Rinse 
  • Plus White One Step 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel
  • Mouthpiece

I tried my best to do EVERYTHING right. I have sensitive teeth and I didn't want to make them overly sensitive by a stupid mistake. In case anyone is curious this is what I did.

  1. A cap of the Plus White Tartar Control Pre-Whitener Rinse into a empty container.
  2. Then add three parts water to dilute the rinse.
  3. I swirled the contents around in my mouth for 3 minutes and then emptied.
  4. Brushed my teeth without toothpaste and then rinsed my mouth with water.
  5. Lastly, I put the Plus White One Step 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel into the mouthpiece.
I made sure that the gel did NOT get on my gums. I wiped off the excess with a q-tip. This is a product that has to be used for like a week or two to see results.
I tried it for three days and I didn't see a huge difference. I did not keep it on for more than 5 minutes each session. Although, it claims "for badly stained or yellow teeth, allow 15-20 minutes". I didn't think I fit that category.

I think I'll try it again at a later time to see if there will be a difference.

What do you guys think about whitening products?
Hate or love them?

Check out!

A few weeks ago I was approached by a rep from to try a box. I was skeptic at first but it exceeded ALL of my expectations.

Topbox is actually similar to "other" Canadian boxes. They deliver 4 deluxe beauty samples each month. What caught my eye is how they provide the 'top' brands in their boxes for ONLY $10. This was a complimentary box but I made an account and filled out a profile on their website. I assume later on they will make boxes according to your preferences and skin tone. That would be amazing because I would hate getting products that didn't work for me.

This box had two deluxe samples & two full sized items. 

Check out what was in November's box!

Cake Beauty
Retail $18.00
Velveteen Hand Cream
*Deluxe Sample Size*
Lip Glaze
*Deluxe Sample Size*
Collagen Eye Serum
 Deborah Lippman
Retail $19.99
Enchanted Evening

My favorite item was the Deborah Lippman nail polish.
I do see myself ordering from them in the future because I feel that you definitely get 
your money worth with these boxes.

Free Shipping ,Las Vegas, Giveaways & Discount code from!

That title is intense! Definitely something to get excited about :)

Have you heard of ebeauty? Canada's new online shopping destination for everything beauty!

Starting November 1 to 30, will have free shipping! NO MINIMUM ORDER

To add to that use my Promo code "save15" to save an additional 15% on your purchase.*

To sweeten the deal try your luck to win their latest trip for two to Las Vegas! 5 days, 4 nights at one of the strips newest hotel: The Cosmopolitan.

I know it's a lot to take in.. *breathe*

To celebrate all of these great things will we hosting a Giveaway a Day on my blog for five days. 

*COUPON: One time use. No Cash value. Can not be combined with other offers. Offer expires November 30, 2011. 

LAS VEGAS: No purchase necessary. Contest closes on November 30, 2011. Must be a Canadian Resident over the age of majority to enter.Full contest rules.

Every girl needs a OttLite Natural Makeup mirror

Every makeup artist + beauty junkie knows how important it is to have natural light/good lighting when doing your makeup. I remember my beauty days before I got my certificate.. doing my makeup before work in the bathroom.

WRONG move! 
It would usually end up with me spending more time wiping it off than putting it on. Those are the times I wish I had a OttLite Natural Makeup mirror.
Bring the accuracy and beauty of OttLite natural lighting indoors to help you apply makeup flawlessly for a confident look with no surprises once you go outside. The secret to the OttLite Makeup mirror is the precise blend of light wavelengths – OttLite® 508 Illumination™.
This mirror will help me:
  • On MUA shoots (indoor ones of course)
  • Filming youtube videos ( when the sun goes down)
  • Taking product swatches for the blog
Mirror Breakdown

* Dual sided mirror features 5x/1x magnification (Perfect for tweezing!)
* True to color tones
* Fashionable prints which can match any room
* Movable head
* One button touch to turn on

$69.99 is pricey for some but trust me it's worth the investment!

These swatches were taken with the Ottlite mirror. Doesn't it look like I was near a mirror!