Make up: Cat Eyes with eyeliner

Cat liner has become a staple in my life. I wear it 4 out of 7 days a week!
The look has been linked with the classic style of the 50s. But it actually started with the Egyptians.

Angelina is also the queen of Cat Eyeliner. Sooo fierce!

I used my smashbox gel liner and my mac 209..that's why the line is soo crisp :)

Random Blog: What is one or two make up item you can't stop buying!

Mine is a combination of lippes and eyeshadows!

I have so much I threw away alot... I gave away alot..

But I can't stop buying..

I probably only got thru 2 or 3 lippies in my life!

I've never finished an eyeshadow!


So let me know what is one or two make up item you can't stop buying below!

What is your favorite drugstore mascara??

Lash Blast:

Believe it or not I used to think this mascara was satisfactory I gave it a 6/10.
But as I started to use it more it applied better.
Maybe because there was less product on the brush..

Anyways when I can't find my MAC plushlash this is the first mascara I look for.

What drugstore mascara do you use ?
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Hugee MAC Haul part 3 of 3!

I won't go into xtreme detail:

But here is the rest!
If you want names let me know!

4 Pigments:
Gold Stroke
Royal Flush
4 Quads:
Shadowy Lady
Amazon Eyes
Intriguing Scarlet:6 Warm Eyes
Passionate Red/Viva Glam 3:Warm lips
Paint Pot:
Quite natural
Structural Brown
Estee lauder Quads

Hugee MAC Haul part 2 of 3!

I hope you looked at part 1!

If you didn't go back! LOL

Ok so I never used a mineralized duo before but I love it!!!
So now I have
The duo is called engaging!
It's pink and copper.

I didn't even want the nude blush lipstick..but it's not growing on me. I will post a swatch soon.

Also the bronzing powder was a free gift!
I don't use bronzers but I can use it on my clients.
The color is called Golden! That slimshine lippy is amazing!
It's called Gentle Shimmer.
It's perfect for any skintone!
So I got

The other lippy is a lusterglass in flash mode..I like it!
It's a pink with sparkles!

Lastly...I had 2 get 2 of these! I've never had fix + before. I can finally retire my visine!

I'm sooo not done yet!
But it's getting late, so i will post the rest tomorrow <3

please comment below :)

Hugeeeee MAC haul part 1 of

Hey Girlies,

I am doing this in pieces because there is sooo much stuff!
I hauled like no other. I deserve it!
Shoot I work 2 jobs.I am back in school part time...
MUST I go on..
Also i'm sick so if I do this in pieces I can upload it quicker!
Also please don't ask me about prices...because I won't answer..

Ok so I got to the sale @ 10:05 am and I didn't get in until 11:15 am.
That line was no joke.

So I got no foundations...I am not a foundation girl. But I got 2 blushes and 1 mineralize skinfinishes.
Aren't they sooo lovely!! OMG!! I honestly take them out and look at them
There were no full size brushes except the 209 and 205.

Mac 205's a mascara brush. i tried it and it's pretty cool!!

umm part 2 will be up soon!
if not today definetly tomorrow!

as for the selling I did buy extras and when I start feeling better I am going to post everything..
For now I know I am going to sell the mac 205 mac 209.

I dunno bout prices yet. But I'll get back to you guys soon.

under 16.00 Forever21 styling!!

Hey girlies!

I'm back again. I've had these pics stored on my cpu for a minute. My next styling with be H&M styling. I will do Everyday/business/crazy casual(there divided section). So they tuned for that because H&M is 70% of my Anyways back to forever21!

So yea..lets talk prices. These were all on SALE!!

HAT(Claires)= $3.50
TOP(Forever21)= $4.99
Earring(Dollar Store)=$1.00

I won't lie i'm working that highwaisted jeans! But I do feel they make your bum look flat at

Anyways let me know whats up girlies <3