Maybelline Color Tattoo Review (Guest Post)

I have been on the hunt for a drugstore cream shadow that can be used as a base (much like a Mac paint pot) for ages. I have tried every cream shadow Shoppers Drugmart has to offer. These cream shadows are okay but they never truly stand up to my day-to-day lifestyle. I don’t live in a major metropolis so when I want to visit a Mac or a Sephora store I am looking at a good hour and a half to two-hour drive.

Which is why the other day I got very excited when I came a crossed a display in my local Shoppers. This display was very intriguing. Not unlike most of you I hadn’t heard anything about Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows. These little pots looked just like the Benefit creaseless eyeshadow packaging and felt a lot like a Make Up Forever aqua cream. I automatically pulled out my iPhone and Googled this these little beauty, but much to my surprise there wasn’t anything on the Internet that could help me.

So I did what any savvy beauty-loving girl would do. I bought three. There were nine colours to choose from at my Shoppers Drugmart.

05 – Too Cool (matte white)
10- Fierce & Tangy (matte tangerine orange)
20- Painted Purple (shimmery lilac purple)
25 – Bad to the Bronze (shimmery bronze)
30- Pomegranate Punk (shimmery burgundy)
35- Tough as Taupe (matte grayish beige)
40- Tenacious Teal (shimmery aqua blue)
45- Bold Gold (shimmery gold)
50- Edgy Emerald (matte moss green)

Left to Right (50 – Pomegranate Punk, 35- Tough as Taupe, 45 – Bold Gold)

I decided to go with Pomegranate Punk, Tough as Taupe and Bold Gold. When it comes to new cosmetics I like to play it safe. The first thing I can tell you is this product has a nice consistency. Its soft and creamy but dries to a powder-like finish. The colours are in the collection are very wearable and yet Maybelline seemed to have a bit of fun also. For me the true test of any cream shadow is how it applies. With most drugstore shadows you are stuck using your finger for application. Which is fine but if you want a precise look it ends up looking a bit messy. The Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows have the ability to be used with a brush as well as finger application.

Left side finger swatched, Right side brush swatched

When it comes down to wearability I put this product to the test at the two jobs I work at. The one was wearability at an office and the other was wearability at a restaurant. In an office setting this eyeshadow worked rather well as a base or as an all over lid colour. There was minimal creasing and the colour stayed true throughout my 8-hour day. As for at the restaurant when I am a waitress, this shadow was only good as a base. As an all over lid colour it started to run and crease near the heat lamps unless it was set with a powder eyeshadow. I also found that the one matte shade (Tough as Taupe) I purchased had a better staying power that the other two shimmery colours.

All in all seeing as this is a drugstore product that costs $9.99 and I don’t have to take a crazy road trip to get it. I’d give the product 8/10. I deducted a point for the fact that most of the shades are shimmery (I would have liked to see more matte shades and in lighter colours). I also deducted a point for the intolerance to heat (I would not wear this as an all over lid colour to a club).

Beware online shopping!

About a few month ago I was cruising a blog and I found a hair product that really interested me. It was given a rave review from the blogger and I felt like it could possibly work for me. Even though I searched the internet for more reviews I didn't see any. But I did what any other reader would do.. I purchased a jar of this product.

After my transaction, I realized that I didn't get a receipt BUT the money was removed from my account.

Bizarre... but I told myself wait a bit because I really wanted the product. A week with no receipt went by and I sent them an email. I included my name, email, Paypal transaction number and date I purchased. I received NO answer.

I then sent another email inquiring about the product delivery. NO ANSWER.

To make a long story short. I filed a claim to Paypal. Paypal sent me a refund because the company did NOT respond back to Paypal.

They did respond back to me after a month with a sob story about how the website had errors...

I will tell you the product cost $7.99.. petty cash to some but honestly it's the principal.

I didn't write this to cause problems.. I didn't even put the bloggers name or company. I just want you all to pay attention to the online companies that you buy from. If something seems wrong please "speak" up. 

Also always use Paypal if you can! 

Do you have a story like this online shopping?

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion Starter Kit + Unretouched ad campaign!

You have heard me rave about my love for Make up for ever's HD foundation before. I have a warm skin tone with yellow undertone with a hint of red. Finding a foundation with the right hint of red was always the hardest. Being a Woman of Color it was a huge deal for me to find a foundation that truly looked like skin.

I remember the day I walked into for a sample and ended up purchasing my first a bottle of the HD foundation & powder. It was my first big spurge on a foundation that truly matched my skin.

In Sephora starting today Make Up For Ever has started to carry a HD Complexion Starter Kit ( $89.00 CDN). You get to personalize your kit with your exact foundation color choosing their full range of 26 shades.

They are  also launching an interactive shade finder tool to help you find your perfect foundation match online. You can find the tool here if you want to try it out:

Each kit allows you to acheive flawless skin in three steps: Prep, Cover & Finish.

Prep: HD Microperfecting Primer
A lightweight, oil-free complexion corrector that enhances the skin's texture and primes the skin for makeup application.

Cover: HD Invisible Cover Foundation
An oil-free medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life
Finish: HD Mircofinish Powder & Kabuki Brush
A universal translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or worn alone. HD Kabuki Brush is a soft-to-the-touch yet sufficiently firm nylon brush designed to easily sweep powder on the face.


MAKE UP FOR EVER is hosting its first ever open casting call to find the model for their next Unretouched ad campaign.  Women can create their own picture-perfect make up look and then submit it for consideration via their microsite,  

All finalists’ photos will be posted on Facebook and the winner will be flown to NYC for a professional photo shoot in late February.

Here are some pictures that I have taken with Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 178.
NO PHOTOSHOP or DIGITAL ENHANCEMENTS have been done these pictures.

This will always be my favorite foundation.
Have you tried this foundation before?

My view on extensions(weaves)+ Interview with Bella Dream Hair

I remember back in the day when wearing hair extensions(weave) was confusing for most. It was seen as a "black" thing and often looked down upon. Sewing, gluing or clipping in hair was too odd for some to grasp. I remember hearing words like "does that hurt" or "will it fall out" by individuals who clearly didn't get the concept. Fast forward to 2011 where in my opinion wearing extensions is the norm because of Hollywood.
 Source: google imagesKourney Kardashian getting some tracks of hair sewn in at her local Salon.

FYI: This is her real hair length.
 Source: google images

A lot of women are interested in gaining length quickly but don't understand that a cheap $20.00 pack from the local beauty store is not the key for long term. I got low down on 100% Human Hair Extensions from Bella Dream Hair.
"The difference between Bella Dream Hair and your local Beauty Supply Store is quality. The grade of hair is completely different" says Constance from Bella Dream Hair. "BDH offers pure virgin hair from donors. The hair is pure virgin human hair that can be dyed and styled as desired. Our hair will last you over a year if taken care of properly".

A year is a long time but I wanted to know more about how to maintain & treat the hair. Since it was my first time inquiring about this blend! "The hair life will honestly depends on the care the customer takes with their hair. If you apply heat and chemicals to your extensions it will damage it quicker. If you over treat your hair it will damage. This hair is no different then the hair on your scalp you MUST take care of it. If you don't deep condition your extensions then yes your hair will start to shed and fall out become dry and brittle just like your own would. A lot of women don't realize that just because you are wearing a weave does not mean you shouldn't care for your hair." says Constance.

 Source: google images
Those are some powerful words.

Honestly my skin cringes when I see Britney Spears. She needs some BDH love!

 Britney is the best segue into extension application. She is wearing fusions hair extensions. "Fusion is not for everyone again if done right it's great, a way you can wear your hair in versatile fashions but if done wrong it can damage your hair." Constance

 NOBODY wants the "Britney" look. So I asked about other methods!
"Bonding glue is nothing to be afraid of. If used properly it will not damage your hair at all. The problem is people that do not apply bonding glue in the appropriate spots. Glue is actually a Hollywood beauty secret and one of the best ways to use for extensions, but again that's if it's done properly. I have found that women wearing sewn in methods will cause more damage to your hair and scalp due to the tension braiding and sewing creates on your head. Again, braiding extensions on is another well done technique that can benefit a woman's hair growth as well as harm her hair if not done right. There are many methods available for women of every ethnicities."Constance

One of my favorites from her site was the Brazilian Curly.
"I've bleached it and dyed it a honey blonde. My curls bounce right back if I flat iron it straight. It curls beautifully and I must admit it is one of my all time faves."

I hope this helped anyone who is skeptic or curious about hair extensions.

I'd HONESTLY like to know what you think below.  So, please leave a comment :)

Canadian Holiday News: Pari Beauty Palette + Free faux tote from

I know some of you have seen these amazing palettes pop-up over a few beauty blogs in the past few weeks.

I'm totally late showing them but I think everyone needs a good palette or two to start the new year off with!

Palette one is: Tricks of the Trade
$69.00 CDN
Tricks of the Trade

- 8 highly pigmented eyeshadows
- 2 Ultra Gloss lip colours
- 2 silky soft blushers
- 1 full size Precious Glow illuminating and intensifying eye primer
- 1 Duo Mineral Highlighter Bronzer (New)
- 1 Double Ended Makeup Brush
Contents Value: ~$210

Palette two is: Black Tie Collection
$45.00 CDN
-10 neutral and smoky eye shades
-Full size high shine lipgloss
-Holiday edition bronzer/contour powder
-Illuminating face highlighter
-Mirror and applicators

You can purchase these palettes at Sears, Pari Beauty kiosk &

Lastly, I have to share that is offering a free faux skin tote with purchases over $75.00.
Here is a picture of the tote! 
I paired it with my "chained" blazer & waist belt <3
Have fun shopping ladies!

My Payless must haves for 2012

You ladies know that I try to keep you all on top of what's hot at Payless. It's the day after Christmas and I know you may have a little extra in your pocket! Check out these pieces that I've fallen in love with. It's a mix of everything!
  • Glitter heels are fun.
  • Leopard print is playful.
  • Over the knee boots are hot.
  • Houndtooth is stylish.
If you had to get one piece... What would it be?

My Holiday Scent is Candied Ginger from The Body Shop!

I've always had a soft spot for ginger. 

As an island girl I grew up with it in the house for every ailment. 

Stomach ache... ginger!
Nasuea... ginger!
Bloating... ginger!
I'm sure you get the point...

20+ years later and I'm surprisingly not sick of it!

I love the fact that Candied Ginger is not a raw ginger scent. It has a hint of sweetness.
Best described as a "fresh and zingy scent of ginger".

If you have the chance this Holiday swing by The Body Shop and check out Candied Ginger!

What is your current Holiday scent?