Quick & Easy Halloween Look

In my final year of college, I did a PSA. Since it was a individual project and I didn't have a makeup artist. I decided to do my own “special effects” makeup. Using my mama's red lipstick, broken black shadow,  I made do!

Here is a recreation of the look:

1. Blend out red lipstick on you face in the areas that you want to look "bruised". I used Annabelle Cosmetics retractable lipstick crayon in “Flirtini”.

2. Dab a matte black eyeshadow over the lipstick lightly.Avon “Wrapped in Velvet” eyeshadow palette has a great matte black.

3. OPTIONAL* We need blood! Get a deep plum gloss and apply to areas that need an extra ooph!  I used Burt Bee’s Lip Shine in “Smooth”

Is this a look that you would try?

Currently Obsessed- SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque

Is anyone as surprised how quick the weather changed in Canada?
It's insane! I haven't even had time to find my boots yet.

Sudden change in weather is always evident in your skin.
Right now, one product really impressed me.

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque SRP $64.00
Inspired by the award-winning Hydrating B5 Gel, this highly concentrated masque infuses dehydrated and stressed skin with optimal amounts of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to replenish depleted moisture levels.
One of the key ingredients in it is of course vitamin B5. B5 is an essential vitamin for healthy skin. Definitely, one that you need to add to your diet!

I took a quarter sized amount and put in all over my face.
Waited 10-15 minutes then rubbed it into my skin.

Instant hydration

I should also add that this product has hyaluronic acid. This acid when used on you skin over time will make it appear smooth and youthful. Another bonus!

Have you tried any great masks lately?


Another Fashion Week has come and gone. Being that I don't live in the core of Toronto. I opted in for only one day of festivities. I attended the first day and had a lot of fun! My favourite part was spending time with blogger friends, meeting people, amazing PR peeps and checking out new products.


Products needed:
Fashion Work 12 
Shine Flash 02 

  1. Apply Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine through out the hair.
  2. Blow dry hair all the way back.
  3. Make a centre part- then gather hair for a log ponytail.
  4. Wrap ponytail with hair.

My first time seeing the Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational and NEW Maybelline Colossal Smokey Eyes Mascara in action! Add these products to your list ASAP!

Photo Credit: Jake Rosenberg, The Coveteur


“This look is all about that super cool girl with flawless skin and bold brows. She puts her makeup on in the morning and doesn’t fuss with it at all throughout the day and night.” - Grace Lee, Lead Makeup Artist, Maybelline New York Canada

Products used:
Maybelline New York EyeStudio Master Smoky LongWearing Shadow Pencil in Scorching Brown along the lash line and up into the crease.

Products needed:
Loose Endings 09
Control Addict 28
Shine Flash 02

  1. Mist hair with water.
  2. Add quarter size amount of Loose Endings 09 through the hair- pushing it away from your face.
  3. Spray Control Addict 28 for hold, and Shine Flash 02 to give a shinier wet look.

Redken’s NEW Signature Look collection 

Guess What?!?

If you follow me on twitter or IG, you may already know but I'm engaged.

This whole process is totally new!

I'm blessed to have parents that have been married over 30 years!
But... I wasn't born when they got married.

Plus I don't have older brothers and sisters.

I'm starting literally from the bottom-
Canadian Wedding or Destination Wedding?!
I have NO idea!

I did skip the engagement party for a week long vacation in Jamaica. Totally worth it. Hahah!

I just wanted to let you all know that I may be sharing my some experience here on the blog.
Not the dress- because my fiancé reads my blog.

Probably stuff about venue scouting, bridemaid dresses, food and decoration.

If you have any tips or words of advice- please leave it below!

Beauty News- Introducing: Lovely Lips by Live Clean

Are you interested in organic products? Have you tried Lovely Lips?
Try Live Clean's first certified organic product!

Live Clean Lovely Lips Soothing Lip Balms ($4.29 CAN) is 100% natural and certified organic.
Formulated with a perfect blend of hydrating Sunflower, Safflower and Coconut oils combined with beeswax to deeply moisturize and seal in hydration. Soothing lip balm cools and refreshes lips with organic Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil. 
Three Formulas:
  • Moisturizing
  • Soothing
  • Protecting

If you're looking for a unisex product that is grease-free, Try Live Clean Lovely Lips Soothing Lip Balms.

My #Ririlovesmac Holiday- Wish list

I can't believe that the Holiday collection will be here soon!
I remember back in February when news broke that she was going to have a collection with MAC!
I was so excited! Check out what's the Holiday collection will consist of:

Rihanna’s final collection with M·A·C features the return of RiRi Woo, along with two new Lipsticks: Pleasure Bomb and Bad Girl RiRi. Also featuring Nail Lacquer, Superslick Liquid Eye Liner, Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow, Bronzing Powder and the double-ended 217 Blending Brush and the 239 Eye Shader Brush. This limited-edition collection is encased in exclusive white-pearl packaging with RiRi’s rose-gold detailing.

My wish list this collection is very specific.

PLEASURE BOMB matte fuchsia (matte) 
$16.50 US/$20.00 CDN

matte taupey nude (matte) 
SRP $16.50 US/$20.00 CDN

Nail Lacquer
matte cool red (cream) 
SRP $17.50 US/$21.00 CDN

The line will be available in December 2013!

What's on your wish list?

Almay intense i-color Volumizing Mascara

Almay intense i-color volumizing mascara claims, “big, bold volume for 2x the impact”. This mascara comes in 4 shades (plum, sapphire, midnight, mocha) to match specific eye colours and has eye-brightening crystals to create a multi-dimensional amplification effect.

The brush is pretty hefty in size not as crazy as the Revlon Grow Luscious but its still a pretty long and wide brush. I have green eyes and I tried the mocha colour. This is a departure for me as I always choose the black, I’m talking blackest black mascara girl. For the sake of beauty, I will try anything once. What would you know I actually really like how the mocha colour looks and compliments my eye colour.

I decided to test this mascara during my workweek. I have fairly light thin eyelashes so mascara is a daily staple for me. The 2x the impact claim is something I really wanted to see. I happen to love volume when it comes to mascara and Almay certainly delivered. This mascara easily curled my lashes without any help from an eyelash curler (I’m going to be honest at 6am I cant be bothered to actually curl my lashes); it also added the volume and depth of colour I was looking for. As for the eye- brightening crystals they are certainly in there.

If the mascara ends up on skin rather than lashes and the light hits your eyes just right you will see some sparkles. I should add that I have slightly oily eyelids- so transfer can happen by the end of a long work day.

I would certainly use this mascara again. At the moment it doesn’t seem to come in waterproof which is something I would prefer but its Almay they are always innovating and creating so I’m sure its on its way.

Annabelle Cosmetics #24Days of TwistUp

Do you follow me on twitter- Jennmua
If so, then you have seen my daily posts about Annabelle Cosmetics TwistUps!

Remember my post on the gorgeous Royale?

To celebrate the launch of twelve new shades to their vivid lineup, they are having a #24Days swatch fest! I was chosen by Annabelle Cosmetics to be one of 24 bloggers showcasing the whole TwistUp line.

I love the fact that the TwistUps on being shown on ALL skin tones! Honoured that Annabelle chose me to share the colours on a dark/deep skin tone.

To make things sweeter Annabelle is allowing to me give away ALL 24 shades to one Spiced Beauty Reader! In Canada or the USA!!

Annabelle TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayon
Regular Price: CA$9.95

Dare to be colourful with this easy retractable lipstick + lipliner in one. No sharpener required! Formula enriched with nourishing natural ingredients such as Omega 3 + 6 and Shea Butter. Definitvely a new way to wear lipstick. Try one of these easy-to-wear stunning shades. Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free.

Which colour do you want?

IT Cosmetics: Vitality Cheek Flush and Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss (Guest Post)

I’ve dabbled with a few IT Cosmetics products in the past and I have always found them to be great quality products but I’m a swatcher, a tester, a looker on of pretty things if you will. Which means I like to go into a store and really check the product out before I purchase it.

IT Cosmetics are sold via The Shopping Channel here in Canada or the IT Cosmetics website. For me it’s always a gamble to order something. I’m never sure if I will like it or if the colour online is really true to the colour in the pan.

I was able to try the Vitality Cheek Flush in Magical Mauve and the Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss in Pretty in Pink. Both items are listed as $24.00 online. These products blew my expectations out of the water.

The Vitality Cheek Flush is an incredible hybrid product. It’s a powder blush but also a cheek stain. I’m a lover of powder blush, I have more pans of blush than I will ever truly use. As for cheek stains I always think I am going to like them but they just don’t sit right on my skin. This product however is a miracle product. Its finely milled, has amazing pigmentation and best of all is Talc, paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and phthalate free. Cheek Flush has the formulation and blend ability of a powder blush but the staying power of a stain. So for you hypoallergenic ladies out there this blush is a must.

The Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss might be my favourite thing I have tried recently. One of the words used to describe it is serum and if you think about it that is really what it is. This gloss is made up of hydrating oils, butters and vitamins. I hate sticky lip-gloss, which means I just don’t wear lip-gloss. Butter gloss however is soft, silky, hydrating and actually pigmented. How many times have you picked up a coloured gloss got it home put it on your lips and the result wasn’t any different than putting Vaseline on your lips? Well with this gloss that’s not an issue at all. I happen to have highly pigmented lips for a super fair girl but this gloss actually showed. It’s a my lips but better kind of colour.

After trying both of these products I’ve started an IT Cosmetics wishlist. Lets just say I will also need the Cheek Flush in Pretty in Peony, The Butter Gloss in Naturally Pretty and I might also want to take the Vitality Face Disc for a test drive.

Do you have five minutes to spare? Hair removal options from Nair

Whenever I'm going out- I'm always running out of time!
Whether your wearing a tank, halter, dress or shorts- hair removal is key.

For me I need something quick and painless.

Nair has two great options.
Which got me through the tail end of the summer!

NAIR Shower Power Hair Removal Cream – Dry Skin Formula
Legs, Body/Underarms and Bikini

All you need is three minutes to remove unwanted hair!
I apply it before I hop in the shower and wait until it's ready.
My legs always feel smooth and moisturized after.
No pain at all!

Probably one of my top 10 favourite products I've tried in 2013.

What I like:
It's water-resistant and doesn't come off while your showering.
Plus it's has Moisturizing Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Almond Oil.

NAIR® Brazilian Spa Clay PERFECT TEMP Easy to Use Wax Strips - Face & Bikini
 Bikini, Face & Eyebrows

I've said this several times. Waxing scares me! It hurts!
Surprisingly, these were not that bad.

Comes with:
40 wax strips for face & bikini (2 SIZES - 20 double sided)
Plus four after use moisturizing towelettes -that also remove wax residue.

What I like:
I choose how warm they get by using my hands. Think about the motion you do when your rubbing your hands together then your cold. The Nair logo fades away when the strip is warm. Love the fact that I don't have to worry about getting burnt by the wax.

Both great products that I'd recommend to anyone who loses track of them when going out!

HP: The Original You Event

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I'm a techy!
I was really blessed to get my own camera and computer at five.
That's what ignited my love for gadgets!

I was so happy, when I was given the opportunity to attend “The Original You” event sponsored by HP Canada. HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by HP Canada.

Before we attended the event, we all submitted a photo which we felt passionate about. They turned it into a really cool wall of photos. Here is my photo of sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica! Gorgeous isn't it. With a view to die for! I overheard a few people asking if it was a post card.

That night we heard about new HP projects and got insight from great speakers like Photographer Michael Cooper and Inkologist Thom Brown.

HP now has a free app called HP Live Photo.
You are able to share pictures and watch them come to life with video.
The videos are 45 seconds long and can have cool additions like fun themed templates.
This app is available on both iphone and android.

How do you share?
You just need the image, Nametag and the app!

For me- I thought it would be an amazing addition to add to my portfolio. Say I'm at a wedding- I can print the image on 4x6 or 5x7 paper and add a 45 second video to it that can be seen by anyone who has the app!

We all had the opportunity to hear Photographer Michael Cooper speak about getting the most out of your pictures. Totally brought me back to my college photography classes- which I aced by the way.

Here are three key tips that Michael shared:

Framing is key:
Consider what the hero of the photograph is and how to highlight or enhance it. 

Know your focus:
Use the rule of thirds for composition Strong visuals lead the eye.

What is your Perception?
Think of different angles and perspectives when taking your photos.

One of the best parts was breaking away into groups and watching Michael in action!

Last but not least we heard about how amazing HP's ink formula is from Thom Brown. HP's own Inkologist!
I won't lie- I avoided Chemistry in high school. So some of the talk about molecular compounds went over my head but what I got out of it is that HP ink is vivid, durable and unique!

One thing that suck with me was when he showed us examples of photos printed with competitor/generic ink vs HP ink. The HP photos always came out on top.
If you print your own photos or documents that is something to really think about.

At the end of the night we were all surprised with the fact that we were going to get brand-new HP Photosmart 7520 printer!

  • It prints documents and photos. 
  • Makes copies and scans
  • Send faxes
  • Can access the Web
  • Print on the go.

In other words, it does EVERYTHING my current printer can not!

Have you tried any products from HP before?

Mariah Carey Limited Edition Holiday OPI Nail Lacquers

I'm sorry guys... 
I'm totally skipping Halloween and going straight to the holidays!

This holiday- Spiced Beauty is going to be the ultimate gift guide.
I have sooo much to share and giveaway.
Let's not forget it's my 5 year bloggerversary in December!

Out this month is the Mariah Carey's 18 New Limited Edition Holiday OPI Nail Lacquers!

OPI announces the launch of 18 new limited edition holiday nail lacquers inspired by recording artist and international superstar Mariah Carey. This seasonal promotion includes an assortment of red, burgundy, maroon and chocolate brown hues, along with glitter-packed gold, bronze and pearl shades. Mariah Carey Holiday also features six new Liquid SandTM lacquers, ranging from icy blue to frosted pink to sparkling graphite. Each of the Liquid Sand shades showcases OPI’s groundbreaking technology for a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle.
I was sent two shades from the line.
Ski Slope Sweetie
Colour: Golden pearl
Very Pretty! This colour looks way better in person. 
I had a hard time photographing it- but overall you get the idea.

Cute Little Vixen
Deep red violet 
Perfect Fall/Winter shade.
Looks great on all skin tones.

Mariah Carey Holiday collection is available this month- October 2013, at professional salons and spas across Canada.

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm Swatches

My favourite lip balm have gone electro.
Remember my post on my obsession with Maybelline baby lips!
They are a definite must have.

I keep one at work, in the car and another in my purse.. need I say more?

 Now they now come in six Shades.
 Maybelline New York Baby Lips Electro ($4.99 CAN) Enriched with Vitamin E + shea butter, and available in 6 show stopping shades, your new must-have beauty staple will have you (and your lips) lusting after the entire collection.
Berry Bomb
Oh! Orange
Strike a Rose
Minty Sheer (Translucent)
Fierce N’ Tangy (Translucent)
Pink Shock


Which shade is your favourite?